Hogwarts Love Story Pt 7.4

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I know. We all never liked Ambrosia from the start, I didn't either. Well, let's see how the story is going to go. Did you lose your chance with Oliver? Will the other guys take advantage of it? Let's find out!

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Who knows, starting from year 3 till 8 (Because year 1 & 2 are still too young to date)you will get your chance from being friends to lovers by the end of the year

Created by: natuhleegayle
  1. There were no words to describe how you were feeling. Your legs felt like jelly and the lodged-throat feeling was back. The way Oliver walked by you and said nothing, crushed your head. You were starting to lose your balance; you found yourself sitting on a rock in a matter of seconds. You wanted to move but couldn't. You saw a group of yellow and red quidditch players heading in your direction. You tried to stand up and move so you can avoid being asked questions. However..."Woah, easy there!" You found yourself in the arms of the Hufflepuff seeker, the one Oliver called Cedric Diggory. "Can you walk or?" He asked, he had tamed brown hair and a comforting smile, when you got a good look of him, he was only a fifth year student. "Make way!" "_________! ________! Are you alright? Alright! Move it!" You couldn't be any happier to hear the voices of Fred & George
  2. The Weasley twins made their way through the quidditch players. They thanked Cedric and quickly took you away. You were now near Hagrid's hut but closer to the castle. "It's fine now." Fred said letting you sit down leaning against a rock. "You're with us now." George said patting your back, now with both of the twins sitting beside you. "It's not okay!" You cried and the tears just got worst and worst. The twins knew you were right and there was no argument. "If it makes you feel any better, we'd gladly slap him back to his senses!" Fred volunteered, the crying ceased for a moment. You gave a small smile from the corner of your lip but sighed. "I want to know what happened exactly." They both sighed and looked at each other, then they turned to face you. "Truthfully, hard to say. He came to play a practice match against the Hufflepuffs, then Oliver was called off by some girl. He seemed to know her." Your thoughts filled with Amber's face. It pained you but you let George continue with the story "He walked over, next thing we know, he was spinning and hugging her. It drew a lot of commotion." You were upset because there was not much to go by
  3. You moved away from the twins and ran your fingers through your hair. You gave a departing smile and headed back. "For what its worth..." The twins said in unisons, you turned around and stared at them with your puffy red eyes. "Oliver was a fool to let someone as fantastic as you walk away." "A complete fool. You're one in a million." George said letting Fred add on. You were touched by their words, you covered your smile with both of your fingers. You ran up to the twins and gave them a huge hug. "Thanks! Th-That really cheered me up." You whispered in the middle of the hug "A-Anytime" They both said
  4. You left the twins and decided to roam the castle. From a distance, you saw Amber and Oliver snogging against the wall. You started to feel nauseous, you took your time; you didn't want them to notice you. "Enough!" Ambrosia pulled away and laughed, she flipped her hair and gave a seductive smile. "Meet me later?" She asked while fiddling with her hair "Anything for you" He said. Ambrosia left and it was the perfect change to talk to Oliver. You ran up to him before he could head out the corridor. "Oliver!" You shouted, he turned around and showed no emotion. "Yeah?" You tried to catch your breath before asking Oliver what was going on. Once you did, it was hard to even look at him. "Wh-what are you doing? What's going on?" You asked him finally catching your breath and staring him in the eyes. "What do you mean exactly?" "Oliver Wood! Don't you dare play dumb with me!" You shouted and hit him on the left shoulder. "I-w-what?" "Why are you with Ambrosia? You-You don't even know her..." Oliver made a face to show his confusion, your throat was in flames from screaming.
  5. "Are you mad? I love her. Of course, I know her." "Wh-What?! No! Oliver! What about us? What about...me? _________? Remember?" Oliver just stared at you as if you were some type of lunatic. It was getting harder to breathe, Oliver acted like he had no idea what you were rambling about. You ran your fingers through your hair, your vision was starting to become blurry from the tears you were releasing. "Us? There was onl-" "You kissed me!" You shouted out, you didn't care if anyone was around. You wanted answers and you wanted them now "Today! A while ago! Te-Tell me you felt something when you kissed me. I-I did! I felt something, and if you care about me the way I know you do, then I-" "I don't" Your heart dropped. He said it so calmly. His words were constantly echoing in your head, you feared they would stay as a permanent reminder. "I don't. I love Ambrosia and only her." He gave a small awkward smile and walked away. Standing there alone in the corridor you wanted to disappear.
  6. The day ended slowly. Dinner was pure torture for many reasons. 1) Ambrosia & Oliver's display of affection. 2) Guys trying to comfort you. 3) You almost cried halfway through dinner and finally, the eyes of your closest friends on you. At the end of it all, you were the last to leave the Great hall. You slowly made your way up the stairs but stopped around the fourth floor to stare at the moon above. "Do you mind?" A voice from your left said, it was Harry. You shook your head and he walked down the last few steps to stand beside you. "I haven't seen you in ages." You slightly chuckled" "Yeah...I'm sorry." Your heart skipped a beat "For what?" You asked in a monotonous voice while continuing to stare at the moon. "You know already...Look, it's not like Oliver to-" "Harry..." You cut him off. You stared into your chest, took a deep swallow and met his eyes. "He wants to be with Ambrosia...So, let him be. I'm fine with it." "________. Listen to yourself." Harry said in a serious yet concerned tone. Your stomach was not in the mood to deal with any more business with Oliver "Are you mad? (You chuckled after hearing that line again) You're not okay with it. I know Oliver isn't himself. He's head over heels for you, he would marry you if you were of age." "He isn't! Drop it! ... He-He likes someone else. I'm done with him..." You said as you sharply turned away from Harry, you looked down below and scratched the back of your neck. "You're not. You still care about him." "I don't Harry! Don't you understand that!" You said while making loud sniffs "Why are you crying then?" Your eyes widen, you placed a finger under your eye and felt it was moist. A tear droplet attached to your hand as you pulled away. Quickly wiping your tears , you turned to face Harry and say...
  7. Harry said nothing and turned to rest his hands on the rails. You turned to face Harry and he moved his head to meet your eyes once more. You finally admit that Oliver still means something to you but you were starting to lose hope "What does it matter anyways? I lost him..." Harry shook his head and tapped you hard on the head "Ouch!" "I know you're in a fragile state (That hurt you know!) BUT, are you going to let her have him? (I-) Don't answer that! It thought it was obvious..." He said crossing his arms and eyeing you down "Can I speak now? (Yeah) Well, I don't know..." "Now, I know how Hermione feels..." You pulled your lips back to hide your laughter from Harry's frustration. "How can you make someone fall in love with you in a matter of seconds? Magically speaking." "A love po-Harry, please throw me over the rails. Ugh! How could I be so thick!?" You said dumbfound and slapped the top of your forehead "I get that feeling a lot with Hermione..." You stared at Harry "Hermione told you this right?" "Yup." You gave a small laugh "Thought so."
  8. You were overjoyed, you finally had all the answer except one: How to get Oliver back to normal. "Thank you so much Harry! Oh Gosh! Please thank Hermione for me!" You smiled as you clapped your hands together. He gave a smile and ruffled your hair "No worries, i-if you don't know how to get him back to normal...Malfoy is probably one to go to. He's the second best potion brewer...next to Hermione of course. Don't tell him I said that." He said really quietly, he gave a smile and started heading down the stairs. "Wait, where are you going? It's after hours.." You asked very concern, you didn't question why Harry was still up after dinner. After dinner always meant lights out. "I'm going to say Hi to an old relative." He gave a smile and continued to march down the stairs
  9. "Harry!" You yelled as you ran down the stairs to follow him. "You can't go! He'll...He'll kill you!" You said pinning him against the wall preventing him to move any further. "I-I'm joking...I'm going to see Hagrid. Today is Buckbeak's execution, Ron & Hermione is coming with me. We're taking the invisibility cloak, we can't be seen." "Harry! C'mon! He's waiting for us!" Hermione shouted as she rushed down the stairs, Ron passed by you and gave you a shy wave. "Well, bye!" Harry smiled and just like that the trio vanished into the night.
  10. You headed to the Hospital Wing to ask Draco about an antidote. You were in luck when Madam Pomfrey favored you for being a kind and polite student. "Draco!" You smiled as you walked over to his bed, Draco seemed guilty when you walked in like he had something to confess. "Listen, long story short. This girl gave Oliver a love potion and-" "I DIDN'T MEAN TO!" Startled by Draco's words, it was silent for a good minute or two. "W-What?" Draco rubbed his face and ran his fingers through his hair "T-That girl...she...I heard what happened with you and Oliver...I'm...I'm sorry." "W-Why are you sorry? It's not like you had anything to do with it, right?" Draco bit his lip and stared at you, it seemed like looking at you was killing him. "But I did...__________, I didn't think she would actually make one!" "Draco...What did you do?" He became hesitant "DRACO!" You couldn't handle anymore secrets "I gave her a recipe for a love potion..."
  11. Was it any good? I'm pretty unsure about this edition but anyways. Hi Guys! I hope you all enjoyed it! The sneak preview I posted in 7.3 was actually for Pt 8. Yes. I'm sorry guys, that means you need to find out in the next edition who is the mystery guy. I'm pretty sure you can narrow it down but I really want to be someone you weren't expecting at all. What else? Oh yes! The romance saga is now complete and I'm pretty satisfied that I ended it in a dramatic way. Broke my heart writing that Oliver seen, especially listening to love songs. What? It helps me focus. Anyways, I love you all for sticking till the end & I'm so proud of myself for posting up 3 edition before I left for the states & the seven minutes in heaven. Let's hope I can publish Pt 8 sometime this week! Stay Magical x
  12. Also, don't forget to watch out for my Christmas Special coming soon next month! I have an idea & I can't wait to publish it! Any questions, ideas or suggestions feel free to comment or contact me personally by emailing me at rawrnedly@hotmail(.)com! Love you all! x

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