How confused are you?

Ever wondered if you were confused? Felt left behind? Thought what your friend told you was a piece of cookie was a lizard? Well, thanks to this marvellous quiz you can find out!

Are YOU confused? If so, how confused are you? If you do not take this quiz you are sure to be EXTREMELY confused; because you confused a LIFE-CHANGING-LY AWESOME quiz with a quiz you don't want to take :)

Created by: some-person

  1. what is your favourite colour?
  2. what time is it closest to?
  3. 6x7= ?
  4. have you ever put your house address, phone number or email on the internet?
  5. what is the next letter in this sequence: ABCDEF
  6. what is 5% of 20?
  7. Did you pick at random in any of these questions?
  8. pick a number.
  9. what does "perseverance" mean?
  10. which of these words are spelt RIGHT? Me favourit colar iz bleu!
  11. what colour do you get if you combine black and orange?

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Quiz topic: How confused am I?