Do things work out for you?

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This quiz is for all kinds of people, if you seek true knowledge about how much things work out for you, take my quiz and see if you are happy or unhappy.

Are YOU lucky, do things work for you, is there better ahead if not, find out here! If you feel unsure of how your fate has been working, this is absolutely perfect for you.

Created by: Ann Onymous
  1. How are/were you doing at school?
  2. Do you find that things are harder for you than others? If so, how much of these? 1. Financial issues. 2. Family Issues. 3. Relationship issues. 4. Schooling. 5. Everyday things.
  3. Do you feel that other people are mostly the cause of your problems?
  4. Do you have a religion? If so, then what one....
  5. Someone walks past and says: "Hi, how are you?" What do you say?
  6. I'm not talking to you.
  7. What do you think when you watch the news?
  8. I'm in love_____.
  9. One question to go.
  10. Which of these is the most relative to you?

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