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  • another new quiz
    "through the eyes of a vampire part 1 was successfully popluar the day after i made it:) i just finished through the eyes of a vampire part 2..."
  • "awww thank you!!!^.^"
  • "Do you like vampire stuff? then take my new quiz..Through The Eyes of A Vampire i think i did ok on it and i need opinions on if i sh"
  • like game quizzes?:)
    "neverming i forgot no URLS-.- ok you can find it in the video games catagory What Final Fantasy X Character Are You? thats it "
  • like game quizzes?:)
    "if you like final fantasy x then maybe youd like this quiz i made:) take it and leave a comment! the link: [no urls]"
  • "hmmm...mine is a tie between Resident Evil 4 and 5 or Devil May Cry or Final Fantasy X lol"
  • Help Me Out?
    "im new to this but ive already made quite a few quizzes and i find it a fun hobby:) id appreciate it if you all would help me out by "
  • take this quiz?
    "awww thank you all so much:) dont forget to leave your comments! I appreciate your all's participations"
  • take this quiz?
    "ok so im wanting people to take more of my quizes because its fun to read the results.so do me a favor and take this one? it tests how good ..."

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