could we be friends?

Well if you answer and you're not being seriuos you wont get seriuos results, this is my second quiz... i'm so happy XD are you happy for me? please say yes.

" Could we be friends?, are we alike at all, could we even tolerate each other, let's find out, oh and there are a few of you who will take this and score low; this is not my fault XD so don't get all mad at me"

Created by: manders

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Okay say someone shoots me you...?
  2. Alright what movie would we see at the movie theatre?
  3. We're at walmart and we're?
  4. Okay i say i have to talk to you ASAP you come over and i whisper :i'm pregnant in your ear you?
  5. Alright say i told you i wanted to kill myself you'd say
  6. i tell you my darkest secret you?
  7. well ugbjuyhn?
  8. chocolate?
  9. hmmmmm?
  10. i love you!!! XD

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