Do you make the right friends?

Friends are a big part of people's lives. And it's important to pick the best ones you can. Having good friends is important because you need to know whether they'd always have your back or if they'd just "go with the flow".

Do you make the right friends? Take this short little quiz to find out if you do! This quiz asks simple questions like how often you and your friend hang out and what reactions they have to certain things. Take it! One more thing! I suggest that when you take this quiz you think about ONE friend and answer all the question about them. Okay, thanks!

Created by: heyilikepie

  1. You're walking down the school hallway when you see your friend walking by with some other people. You wave to your friend and smile. How does your friend react?
  2. You accidently spilled something and it spilled on your pants so it kinda looked liked you...peed. When you're friend sees it, what do they do?
  3. Your friend is throwing a party. Does he/she invite you?
  4. Your friend has some big news. Would they tell you first?
  5. How often does your friend call/text you?
  6. How often do you and your friend hang out?
  7. Does your friend make fun of your likes/dislikes?
  8. Does your friend hang out with you more or their other friends?
  9. Has your friend ever been embarrassed of you?
  10. Has your friend ever talked behind your back?
  11. Does your friend compliment or insult you more?
  12. Okay, let's say you're picked on by the popular kids. What does your friend do?
  13. You and your friend are working on a project together. Who ends up doing all the work?
  14. Okay, that's it. Comment and rate? (no effect)

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Quiz topic: Do I make the right friends?