Supernatural Studies part 12

Merry Christmas! I'm really sorry this took so long. I was in a hole of depression, stress, and writer's block. Not a good combination. This part was cut a little short, and for that, I apologize.

I won't make any promises of when I get the next part out. However there are some important things that are in the results, so please read them! Have some awesome holidays!

Created by: Mockingbird

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  1. "Okay," I said. Dr. Castillo examined me closely, "Alright, please fill out this worksheet and then we can begin on the more interesting things." she said handing me a piece of paper. Blood type: Uhhh, O- I think. Birth date:. I sat there thinking for at least five minutes. What was my birthday? I couldn't for the life of me remember when my birthday was. Heck, I don't even remember ever having celebrated my birthday. I how could I be sure how old I was? This disturbed me so much I just stood up and went up to Dr. Castillo, who was sitting at her desk. "Finished already?" she asked, genuinely surprised. "No, um Doctor, can I ask you a question?" I said uneasily. What if I had some form of memory loss from my Calamity accident? "Ask away," she replied. "Do you think I might have mental damage?" I asked quickly. Dr. Castillo frowned. "Why would you think that?" she asked. "I have no idea when my birthday is," I said, "I don't even remember ever celebrating my birthday." Dr. Castillo furrowed her brow, "That's odd. Are there any other gaps in your memory?" she asked. I was about to reply no, but then I realized something. I had no memory before the age of seven. What the fluff? Usually you'd have at least some memory of your early childhood. But I couldn't remember anything. "Yes, actually there are," I said after a few minutes. I explained to her and she just frowned deeper. "That doesn't make any sense," she said. She took me out of the room. "Dr. Greene, have you run her test yet?" I frowned, wouldn't it take longer to run a test?
  2. "Just finishing up, come in if you like," he said. Dr. Castillo signaled for me to follow her in. We went into a room where there was a large screen that had random facts on it. It was in a person's handwriting. Then I thought about it, that writing looked exactly like mine. 'O-, November 20th, female, negative.' The computer had on its screen. "What does that mean?" I asked. Dr. Greene face me, "This is your blood we're testing, so it's written in your handwriting, it's your blood telling me your blood type is O-, your birthday is November 20th, you're female, and....." Dr. Greene studied the screen again. "That doesn't make any sense," he said. "What?" Dr. Castillo asked. "The last test was what kind of Skills you have, it's something we do speed up the process. It tells you what the strengths are so you can work on those, but this says you don't have any Skills." Dr. Greene said. "How is that possible? She has blue blood," Dr. Castillo said heatedly. "There's only one explanation," said Dr. Greene eyeing me suspiciously, "Noelle, would you please phone Dr. Bennet?" Shoot, what the fluff was wrong with me? Now they thought I was some evil spy. I heard a few buttons being pressed and a voice said, "Dr. Bennet, Dr. Greene would like to see you." In seriously less than a minute Dr. Bennet was in the room. I guess had speed Skills. "Yes? he asked Dr. Greene. Dr. Greene gave me the evil eye, "Can I talk to you alone?" Dr. Bennet nodded and they left the room. "Do they seriously think I'm a spy?" I asked Dr. Castillo. Dr. Castillo frowned, "Men shouldn't become doctors, or any profession of importance for that matter. They're too.....Too..." she trailed off.
  3. "Don't worry _______, I believe you. There's probably something wrong with the computer," she said, smiling reassuringly at me. At least someone of importance believed me. I mean, love you Tara, Miranda, Gwen, Vincent, and Jimmy, but you aren't really going to help me that much. A few minutes later The two doctors came back into the room, both of them giving me the evil eye. Great. "So, _______, Dr. Greene has just told me something very interesting," Dr. Bennet said, sitting down in a chair across from mine. "Did he?" I asked sarcastically. Dr. Bennet glared at me, "Yes, and there are a few possible answers to t what he told me. One, you are a Non, wait, that's impossible because your blood is blue. Another possible answer is you're indeed a spy, and the last answer is oh wait, no other logical answers." I smirked, "Well since you're not a logical person, let's here those other answers, I'm sure one of them will seem alright to you." Dr. Bennet's face lost all color and I mentally slapped myself. What the fluff was I thinking? This guy didn't need another reason to hate me. "Actually, you could be an Evillian," Dr. Greene said, putting on some spectacles to examine me further I presume. I furrowed my brow, what the fluff was an Evillian. "Oh really, that's just ridiculous," Dr. Castillo said, "Are you really saying that an Evillian could stay on campus for an extended period of time without being detected by an Observer?" Observer? It's a good thing I wasn't obsessive about knowing everything, because it seemed truer and truer everyday, that I didn't know anything about supernaturals.
  4. "Then how did that Imitation get on campus?" Dr. Bennet asked, restored to his calm, controlled, and incredibly annoying self. "I don't know, but if it was on my side, why would it try and kill me?" I asked. "How are we supposed to know that it did?" he said with an incredibly annoying smirk. "You have three witnesses," I said triumphantly, trying not to add an insult to the end of that sentence. Dr. Greene started looking at Dr. Bennet suspiciously. "How are we supposed to know those kids aren't part of the scheme? Or maybe they were under a hypnosis," Dr. Bennet said coolly. Dr. Castillo narrowed her eyes, "Ross, I'm starting to think that you're opposing so strongly because I think _______ is innocent." Dr. Bennet burst into a fit of cold laughter. Who the fluff was Ross? Oh, I'm an idiot. "Anita, you really shouldn't try and flatter yourself, it's not attractive in the slightest, that's part of the reason we're not together," Dr. Bennet said. I thought Dr. Castillo was going to explode, she got really red in the face, but in an angry way. "Oh really? Because last time I checked, I was the one that broke it off, not you!" What the fluff was happening? "You also have a selective memory," Dr. Bennet continued. "Apparently you're the one that has a selective memory, because I specifically remember you begging for another chance," Dr. Castillo shot back. "I think you've mixed the two of us up darling, are you sure you're qualified to be a doctor, because I'm pretty sure you need to be able to tell the difference between two people to be one." Dr. Castillo smacked him. I resisted the urge to cheer, because really, I'd been wanting to do that since I met Dr. Bennet.
  5. "Anita, you're fired," Dr. Bennet said simply. I really hated that guy, but I have to admit I admired his ability to stay calm. "What? You can't do that!" Dr. Castillo shouted. "Actually, I can. I suggest you leave, unless you'd rather be carried out by the authorities," Dr. Bennet said carelessly. Dr. Castillo lunged at him scratching his face with her fingernails. As if they had been waiting for this to happen the security guards came in and dragged her away, dodging her kicks and ignoring her curses. I watched and did nothing as my only form of defense that I was in fact not an Evillian was carried away. "So, back to you _______," Dr. Bennet said, "I think that we should do a full examination to see what you really are." Something told me that this wasn't going to be very fun, actually I think I heard someone telling me to run right out of there. So I did. I pushed Dr. Greene out of the way and straight through the doors. I could still see Dr. Castillo being carried out of the testing room. She seemed practically crazy. I cleared my head once I was back in the cafeteria. It was breakfast time. I got an orange and sat down. There weren't too many people around, just a few nerds and-crap. It was Xander and he was walking towards me. "Hello gorgeous," he said. I peeled my orange, ignoring his greeting. "So, I've decided that you should go to the Halloween dance tonight." I frowned, was this one of his pranks? I was silent, perhaps he would go away? "I'll your silence instead of an obnoxious comment as a yes, the party is in the gym, I'll come around for you at eight." And he got up, and left before I could protest.
  6. Great, no I was going to a Halloween party where everyone hated me with a total casanova. I angrily ate my orange and went to back to Ivory. I had half a mind to leave school, go and live with my Aunt Regina. I pounded on Miranda's door. "Let me in!" I demanded. A groggy Miranda opened the door with a scowl. "What the hooters do you want?" I chuckled. Miranda was so weird. I sat down on her bed and told her what had happened. She put on her glasses and went to her closet. "I might have something for you to wear," she said. "What? No! I'm not going," I said, startled at the notion. Miranda rolled her eyes, "Come on, I know you like him, I'm not stupid." "I can't believe you," I said folding my arms. "Well, you're going," she said. "Even if I was, what would I wear?" I asked. "Ooh! I know, you can be a swan!" She pulled from the closet it pure white, sleeveless feathery dress, that was about knee length. It had a sweetheart neckline, and was ever so slightly fluffed on the bottom. "And you would wear this with it," she said, taking out a black and orange feathered mask the really only covered the eyes and bridge of the nose, and a pair of black heels. "Wow," I said, "That's really nice." "Almost forgot," Miranda said, taking out white gloves and a lacy shawl.
  7. "Now you have something to wear!" she squealed. Miranda was such a weirdo. "Who says I'm going?" I asked, but this time I wasn't so sure myself, it would be a shame for this dress not to be worn. "Wait, what if this is just one of his pranks? I'd look like a total idiot!" I said, regaining my senses. Miranda shrugged, "You're just going to have to take that risk. Plus, you can think of prank to pull on him while you're there." I thought about it, it would be quite satisfying to do that at the Halloween party. Where everyone would be. "Okay, you've convinced me," I said. Miranda smiled, "I knew I would." "Well, me, Tara, and Gwen came up with a prank which was supposed to be carried out at the most opportune time. So, we can do that tonight," I said. Maybe going to the party wouldn't be such a loss. "Now that that's settled, I need to find something to wear to Ms. Smith's birthday party tomorrow!" Miranda said. That was tomorrow? "I'll just wear a dress of some kind, nothing to fancy," I said. Miranda frowned, "Well that's fine for you because you don't look so plain, I need to wear something absolutely breathtaking to get noticed. Everyone thinks I'm a nerd," he said sadly. I remembered how Eve and the Parrots had been making fun of Miranda. It wasn't really fair, she wasn't a nerd.
  8. "I'm sure you'll look great no matter what you're wearing," I said. Miranda brightened a little. "Thanks _______, that means a lot. Wait, aren't you supposed to be taking a mental test today?" she asked. Oh yeah. "Aren't you supposed to be getting ready for your first class?" I said, avoiding her question. "Crap! It's nine fifteen, my first class is in fifteen minutes and I'm not even dressed!" She hopped around the room getting changed and frantically brushing her hair and teeth. I prepared her bag, and she grabbed it from me with a quick thanks. "See you later!" she called while running out the door. I was alone once more.
  9. I decided to go back to my room where a hungry Twix was waiting. "Didn't I feed you this morning?" I asked her while she pawed at her bowl. "Fine, you can have some more, but if you keep eating like that you're going to be the star of a new reality show 'Fat Cats'," I said. Twix ignored my comment and began munching on her food. "You know Twix, this place is kind of annoying, so I'm going to go to town for a bit, if anyone asks," I said. I had a few things I needed to get anyway. And no, not the things I know you're thinking about. I grabbed my bag and to the bus stop I went. Luckily, the bus now had two drivers, who came alternately every half hour, I probably missed the one Hummus was driving. Yup. The female bus driver motioned for me to get on, because I was just kind of standing there. "Sorry," I mumbled, sitting down. I sat there contentedly playing with my phone until we reached town. "Thank you," I said hopping off the bus. Where to start? I had a lot to do. One, I needed to get supplies for the prank war. Two, I was going to make it up to Mae and Katelyn. Three, I needed cat food. And four......There is no four. First stop, Dunkin Donuts. The girl at the counter had an anxious expression and whispered something to another male employee who nodded. "Can I help you?" he asked. "Uh, yes, can I have a dozen munchkins, chocolate glazed." He collected the munchkins and handed them to me in a box. "That will be $4.99," he said. I paid him and left the building.
  10. I thought about the look the girl had and how she made the guy take my order. Most likely because I was a lunatic. It kind of hurt, that they all thought I was unstable. It was all my fault, but it still did. I was probably going to make no more friends in Forest Richmond or town. Next stop, the bakery. I got two fruit baskets. They had an assortment of cookies, fruit of course, and candy in them. I wrote out to little cards, and stuck them on both. They were for Katelyn and Mae. There was no way it would make it up to them, but at least they'd know I was truly sorry. Third stop was Stop and Shop. I bought toothpaste in many different flavors, cat food, and mayonnaise. Odd stuff. Ah, this was going to be a great night.

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