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Hey! It’s been a while. It is finally here guys. This is part 3 of Supernatural: Eerie Beginnings! Ok, Daniel is a vampire and you found out your true calling in life. You are the late Charles Fort’s great great granddaughter. You received his journal that contains information about the supernatural. Your job is to hunt demons, ghosts, and other paranormal creatures. Good thing you have Daniel backing you up! ;) In this part, you will meet someone very important. You will also find out an interesting fact about an “old friend”. Maybe you will forgive her? Who knows…I know. Just keep reading and thanks again for supporting my story.

Daniel – brown hair, chocolate colored eyes that can melt your soul (lol) and he’s a vampire! I would like to thank everyone who reads the series and give their honest opinions about it. The first 4 questions of this quiz will be a short summary of what happened. If you already remember what happened you can skip to question 5! I also have another series called “Annihilation”. You should check it out! Let us recap…

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  1. ~THEN~ You start off as a high school student who doesn’t quite fit in. You are fascinated with the supernatural. You and your best friend Izzie got invited to a party by your crush Dane. You agree to go as long as you get to see the Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods. It’s supposed to be haunted.
  2. Getting ready to go to the mall, you find out Izzie left without you! So, Izzie’s brother, Daniel gave you a ride. Daniel is a childhood friend but you’ve seem to lose touch with him over the years. When you get to the mall, Daniel kisses you! Later at the party, you are bored so you decide to hang around the pool. Dane starts to talk to you and he ends up kissing you. Stacy, the host of the party and your rival, pushes you in the pool. You didn’t know Stacy and Dane were together but Izzie knew. So, you get mad at her and leave the party. It starts to rain and you go to a café to devour your favorite chocolate brownie in sorrow. When you look up, Daniel is sitting at a table across from you.
  3. You explain your story to Daniel as the two of you walk through the park. A group of guys approach you and Daniel. One pushes you down and you fall knocking yourself out. You remember when Daniel first told you he is a vampire two years ago. You wake up in Daniel’s arms. He carries you to your house and you fall asleep. The next day, you remember about the hotel in Bretton woods and asked Daniel if he would take you.
  4. You arrive at the hotel with Daniel and you meet an older guy who used to know your great great grandfather. You discover you are the granddaughter of the late Charles Fort. He was a supernatural hunter and now you have to finish what he started… Before you get in the car to leave, Daniel says he loves you and that he wants to protect you from the danger that may come...
  5. ~NOW~ By the time we get back in town, it was extremely cloudy. I jump from hearing thunder as we pull into Daniel’s drive way. When I get out of the car, Izzie runs up to us. “Daniel, Cast is here.” She looks at me and I look down. “_______, come inside with us.” Daniel says. I wanted to ask who’s here and what’s going on but Daniel had a serious look on his face like he didn’t want to go into his own house. We walk inside the house and a young guy with messy, short black hair and blue eyes stood up as we walk in the living room. “__________, this is Castiel. Izzie calls him Cast for short. He’s a…distant friend of ours.” Daniel said staring down Castiel. Castiel walks up to you and touches the palm of your hand. His hands are incredibly soft and you couldn’t help but blush as he looks into your eyes. His eyes look like the moving ocean. “She IS the one. I knew we would find her.” Castiel says as he releases your hand. “She can’t be. I WON’T ALLOW IT.” Daniel says pushing Castiel towards the wall. “Wait, Daniel STOP!” I say, “I want to know what’s going on?!?!? And who are you?!?!?!” I turn to Castiel. I see Castiel’s shadow on the wall as lighting flashes but I couldn’t believe what I saw. It was a shadow of a man but there were two wings accompanying his shadow. “I’m an angel.” Castiel says.
  6. “A…Ang…Angel?” I was speechless. It only took me a couple of days to get used to Daniel being a vampire, but I’ve never seen an angel before. “I didn’t know angels look so…human. How do you hide your wings?” I say still surprised. Castiel let out a little chuckle. “Well, angels were people before, right. And I can expose my wings whenever I want.” He answers. “I thought angels only stay in heaven. Why do you get to come to Earth?” I ask another question. “It’s because I’m sent here to do my job; and that’s to find you.” He says. “So, that means you –“I stopped talking for a second and turned to Izzie. “Izzie, how are you not surprised by all of this?” I ask her curiously. “Because I’m supernatural just like Daniel and Castiel. I’m a sprite!” she says. “A what? I reply. “She’s a water sprite. She’s basically a fairy. She can breathe underwater, use two elements: water and air, and she can also fly.” Daniel says. Izzie sticks her tongue at him. “I was going to say that and don’t call me a fairy! I’m a sprite.” “Sorry sis” he apologizes.
  7. “Izzie, I can’t believe you’ve been hiding this from me!” I say, “At least Daniel told me his secret a long time ago.” “You told her you’re a vampire?” Castiel says “It slipped out of my mouth. And besides, I wanted to tell her.” Daniel defends himself. Daniel and Castiel step up to each other preparing to throw punches but Izzie got in between them. “Guys stop! This is about ________ and what she came here to do.” “What did I come here to do?” I ask. “We don’t need to worry about that right now. This is probably too much for one day anyway. Especially after hearing about your ancestor.” Daniel says. “What are you talking about?” Izzie asks. “I’m the great great granddaughter of Charles Fort. He was a famous hunter of the supernatural. He left me with this journal to hunt down ghosts and other creatures.” I explain. “Whoa. That is a lot to handle…” Izzie says. “Izzie, why don’t you walk _________ back home while me and Castiel talk about some things.” Daniel says. “Ok. Let’s go. No fighting while I’m gone you two.” Izzie points at Daniel and Castiel.
  8. Izzie and I walk down the block in silence. “_______, do you forgive me?” Izzie says. “I don’t know…” I mumble. “Ohhhhh stop being so stubborn.” She says, “Here, I have something for you.” Izzie pulls out the friendship necklace that I threw at her and she gives it to me. “Please…I don’t want to fight anymore. And plus, you know you can’t stay mad at me for a week.” she says smiling. I smiled back and she gave me a bear hug. By the time we get to my front porch, the rain starts pouring down. “Do you want to stay with me?” I ask Izzie. “I’m a water sprite remember? I like the rain anyways! And I have to make sure Daniel and Castiel don’t kill each other.” Izzie runs back home. I walk inside my house and decide to take a shower. After my shower, I jump in my bed longing for a nap.
  9. ~Dream Mode~ You are still sleeping in your bed. A guy about two years older than you appears out of thin air and moves towards the end of your bed. He’s just staring at you. He slides onto your bed gently enough not to wake you. His eyes are a light brown color and his hair is messy and dark brown. He climbs on top of you. You’re not moving an inch. His face gets closer to yours. When he touches your face, his lips gently touch your neck. He stops and smirks like you’re his and only his. ~Your POV~ I jump up sweating hard. My stomach feels like they are tied in knots and my skin feels flushed and hot. I saw a guy with the most devilish eyes and perfect brown hair. It was just a dream right? I got out of bed to look at myself in the mirror. I look horrible! But my messy hair and bad breath didn’t grab my attention. It’s what’s on my neck that’s freaking me out. I pulled my neck closer to the mirror and saw a hickie…
  10. “No, No, No!” I start panting. “This can’t be real.” I try to calm myself down. I grab my phone and dial Daniel’s number. “Hello” Daniel picks up the phone. “Daniel, can you come here pronto!” I start panicking. Daniel could sense something was wrong. “I’m on my way.” He said. Daniel arrives immediately. I almost forgot he was a vampire. “_________ are you ok? What happened? Did someone hurt you?” he swarmed me with questions. “Daniel, I’m fine. I had this terrible nightmare about this guy–“I was cut off by Daniel. “What guy? I’m calling Cast.” Castiel arrives minutes later. “Why did you call?” he asks. “________, tell him your nightmare.” Daniel says. I told my story and Castiel and Daniel just sat there silently. “And this guy had messy, dark brown hair? And light brown eyes? Do you have any more evidence?” Castiel asks. “Umm yeah.” I got up and pull down my collar to show them the hickie. Daniel’s face changed instantly.
  11. Daniel jumped from his seat. “WHAT THE HELL! WHO DID THIS! I SWEAR IF I FIND OUT WHO DID THIS I WILL—‘’ ‘’Daniel calm down.” Castiel says. “I know who did it.” “WELL WHO?!?!” Daniel says. “It’s Jason.” Cast replies. “Well…what is he?” I ask. Castiel sighs, “He’s an incubus.”
  12. Well, you met Castiel and somewhat met Jason the incubus. Maybe you will see him again in the next part. You will definitely get to know Castiel better and go on your first real ghost hunt! Thanks for reading!

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