Supernatural: Eerie Beginnings Part 1

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Welcome to my Supernatural Series. I don’t know how many quizzes within this series I will make but I know it will be long…and good. The first story is called Eerie Beginnings. The story is about “_____” (you) a girl who is following the footsteps of her famous ancestor, Charles Fort. But you don’t know that he’s your great great grandfather yet. A lot of people in town think you’re totally psycho because you live in a “haunted house” you inherited from your late grandfather.

People may think you’re crazy but you will soon meet ‘others’ who think differently *wink wink*. I hope you like Eerie Beginnings of the Supernatural Series. Thanks :D :D :D

Created by: MysteriousEntity

  1. *The bell rings for first period* “I don’t understand why you won’t go,” Izzie said. Izzie has been my best friend since elementary school. There’s this big party at Stacy Anthony’s house this Friday and she won’t shut up about it. “There will be hot guys, music, games, hot guys,” she said. “You said hot guys twice.” I corrected her. “I know. There’s one guy in particular that will be going.” She signaled me to look over my shoulder. I turned around and there he was.
  2. Dane Caffey. He had dark brown hair and noticeable blue eyes. He was the type of guy to stay away from though. I was caught in a stereotypical situation. He was the popular jock while I was the unnoticeable loner. At least I had Izzie. “You should go talk to him.” She said. He noticed me staring and gave me a wink. I swiftly turned to face Izzie but then I felt someone behind me. When I turned back around, he was smiling at me with his big blue eyes. “Hey. Are you going to the party?” he asked me. “I’m not su-“I was cut off in mid-sentence. “We will be there.” Izzie said. “Cool. I will see you two there. After the party, we were thinking about visiting that old creepy hotel in…” he tried to think where the creepy hotel was but I already knew the answer. “The Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods!” I said a little too excited. “Yeah, I know it’s an hour away but it will be worth the drive.” He said. Stacy Anthony and her two minions walked up to Dane brushing past me. “Hey Dane!” she gave him a hug and a little kiss on the cheek. “You’re coming to my party right?” she said that as if he didn’t have a choice. “Yeah. ______ and Izzie are coming too.” He smirked a little. Stacy turned to me and raised an eyebrow. “Ok. I guess you can come just once,” Stacy didn’t like me ever since the first grade. I think it had something to do with me accidentally getting finger paint in her hair. “Well then I will see all of you at my house Friday night.” She stormed off with her two followers walking behind. Well…I guess I will see you later?” Dane said. I nodded and he walked off mixing in with the sea of students in the hallway of Keene High School.
  3. “OMG! Dane wants you to come to the party!” Izzie said. “He was just being nice and I don’t want to miss the chance of going to that hotel.” I said. “Well does that mean you’re going?” she asked. “I guess so.” “Great! We only have two more days to get ready for Friday night. Let’s get going!” Izzie said dramatically. “Izzie, we have to finish three more classes.” “Oh…I knew that.”
  4. *Fast Forward Friday Morning* School is out today and I decided to walk to Izzie’s house so we can shop at the mall for tonight. I rang the doorbell and Izzie’s brother Daniel opens the door. “Hey _____.” He says a little shy. I’ve always got to see Daniel because I’ve been best friends with Izzie for a long time but I never got a chance to get to know him. “Um, is Izzie here?” I asked even shyer than he is. “No. She said she was going to the mall. Is that where you two were supposed to go?” he asked. “Yeah, now I don’t have a ride…” “I can take you.” He offered. “That won’t be necessary. I can just walk back home.” I said. “No. It’s ok. Let me get my keys.” I called Izzie to let her know I was on the way while I waited for Daniel to get his keys for his black 2012 Mustang gt500 Super Snake.
  5. On my ride to the mall, Daniel and I talked about the things we used to do as kids. “Remember when you got stuck in the big oak tree and Izzie had to call the fire department to get you down?” I said laughing hysterically. “Oh, remember when you got the chicken pox from Tyler McKenzie because you touched him during freeze tag?” he said. “Remember when we-“I stopped abruptly. How could I mention that day? There was an awkward silence in the car. You looked over to Daniel. His brown hair blew in the direction with the air conditioning and he had the most amazing chocolate colored eyes. He glared at you for a second. “Um, I didn’t think you would remember.” Daniel said pulling into the mall’s parking lot. I didn’t know what to say. Before I could get out the car, Daniel grabbed my arm and pulled me in to kiss me…again. His lips were soft and he kissed me like he was holding it in for a long time. I hopped out of the mustang not saying a word as he drove away.
  6. When I got inside the mall, I saw Izzie running up to me. “Sorry _____! So much was on my mind and I forgot to pick you up,” She said. I wasn’t really paying attention to what she was saying because I had my mind on that kiss. Why was I feeling this way? It felt like little butterflies were tying an internal knot in my stomach. “Hello…Earth to ______. Can you hear me?” Izzie was trying to get my attention. I finally looked up. “What’s wrong? How did you get here anyway?” she asked. “Did you find what you’re wearing to the party?” I changed the topic. “Yes I did! Now we just have to find something for you.” She said. You looked everywhere and finally found the perfect outfit:
  7. We spent our whole day at the mall and now we only have one more hour to get to the party. “Oh shoot! We need to get going. We can get ready at my house.” Izzie said. “NO!” I said out loud before she could even say my house, “Let’s change at my house.” I started sweating. “No offense _____ but your house kind of creeps me out.” Izzie said. “But I have the whole house to myself.” I did have the whole house to myself since my parent s just left to go to Hawaii for their 20th anniversary. “That’s true. Let’s just hurry to your house I can’t wait to try my clothes! You should really calm down some _______.” Izzie said looking worried.
  8. When we got to my house, I changed into my clothes and did my hair like I wanted. Izzie’s hair is long brown and wavy. Her silky royal blue mini dress made her chocolate brown eyes pop out. I could definitely tell her and Daniel were siblings. “Are you ready to go?” I asked. “Yep. Let’s party!!!” Izzie was so ready for this party and I wasn’t. I really wanted to go exploring in the Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods but I didn’t have a ride so I might as well tag along with Dane and his friends.
  9. We arrived at the party a little later than everyone else because Izzie said we have to make an entrance! When I walked in, most of the guys were staring because they’d never seen me like this before. I shouldn’t have let Izzie do my makeup. Was it my clothes? Stacy Anthony’s parents were rich so they had a huge house with 8 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. The actual party was stretching from one room to another. I decided to go in the backyard and sit by the pool. You sat while Izzie was talking to Stephen Miller inside. I couldn’t wait for the party to end. “Hey _______.” A familiar voice called out. You turned around to see Dane smiling. We were the only ones in the backyard except for two couples making out in the gazebo about a yard away from us. “Hey. What’s up?” I said. “This isn’t your scene is it?” he asked. “It’s not. This may sound pretty lame but I’m waiting to go to the Mount Washington Hotel with you guys.” I said regretting to admit it. “Actually I am too.” He confessed. “Oh really? I thought you like being here with Stacy.” I said. “Stacy’s cool. But not as cool….or pretty as you.” He said. He pulled my chin up gently and began kissing me passionately. I heard footsteps walk outside the back door but I didn’t pay attention as we made out. Suddenly I felt myself being pushed over into the pool. I couldn’t see who pushed me under the water but I had a feeling who it was.
  10. When I got out of the pool I saw Stacy standing there with her arms crossed and a crowd of people standing around us. “B****!” I said out loud. “That was a warning to stay away from my boyfriend.” She said. Was this true? Was she dating Dane? “Dane is this true?” I turned to him. “______ I’m sorry. I-“I just pushed passed the crowd and Izzie followed behind me. “_______ I’m so sorry about-“ “Did you know about this?” I interrupted her. There was a long silence. I asked again. “Yes. Let me explain.” She asked for sympathy. “You led me on. You knew they were going out! I didn’t have a chance to be with him. SCREW YOU. This friendship is over!” I ripped my half of the best friends’ necklace off my neck and threw it on the ground. Izzie just stood there while tears rolled down her cheek. I started walking back home. It was just my luck—rain started pouring down. Good thing Stacy’s house was a couple of blocks away from downtown. I decided to grab a cup of tea from my favorite café. “What the heck, I’ll have a fudge brownie too.” I told the waitress. *How could this night get any worse* I thought to myself. And sure enough it did. I started fidgeting with my fingers and when I looked at the table across from mines’, I noticed Daniel typing on his computer.
  11. Me: *KNOCK KNOCK* You: Who’s there? Me: CLIFFHANGER!!!
  12. I'm glad you read the first part to this marvelous series ^___^ Stay tuned for part 2! In the meantime, what are your final thoughts on this part?

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