what is your supernatural power

the supernatural world is interesting, exciting and somtimes even dangerous many people claim to have these powers but dont. some people do. i am one of those people iwant to help you find out if you are too.

are you a supernatural person if you are this quiz will help you descover that and your powers.there are many things you could be and many things you might not be wich one are YOU?

Created by: peter
  1. what is your eye color?
  2. what is your fav. animal
  3. what is your main emotion
  4. what physical stength do you want that you dont have
  5. what ability do you most rely on
  6. are you smart
  7. what is your fav. place
  8. what is your fav. color
  9. what is your fav. music
  10. where do you go for vacation

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Quiz topic: What is my supernatural power