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In a world of the supernatural, things are not always what they appear. You will go on a journey, to pick who you will give your heart to, but if you pick the wrong person, it could be the end for you...

Your life will become twisted so, choose carefully. Listen to your heart. And most importantly: Remember, stereotypes aren't always true... or are they? ;)

Created by: LolliePop
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  1. You are out one night, waiting for your friends at a movie theater. THey are supposed to met you there, but they're late. You decide to go outside and wait for awhile. You try to send them a text asking where they are, but your phone is strangley out of service. All of a sudden the usually clear sky gets dark, and it begins to poor down rain. You run as fast as you can to the movie theater doors, but suddenly the ground opens up and boy about your age comes out of it and blocks your path. He has razor black hair hanging over one eye, all dark clothes with a black sweeper jacker on, and two giant dark black and purple wings on his back! You:
  2. He explains his name is David, and he has to take you somewhere. He promises you'll be safer there. He holds out his black netted gloved hand. You:
  3. (Assuming you asked where you were going,) David says, "you'll see," then smiles mischeviously. He grabs your hand, ad you fly at the speed of light down the crack he made in the earth, and it's so hot you can barely stand it. You fall down on top of David in a black and purple room, richly furnished. David helps you up, and sits you next to him in a loveseat. You see that his eyes are dark purple, and filled with sadness and emotions. It seems as if he carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. He says "Welcome to the Underworld. You're probably wondering why I brought you here."
  4. "(Your Name), you see, many years ago I was banished here. I used to be an angel of God, but i was so lonley in Heaven without my brother, so I tried to cheat my way into becoming the higher rank of guardian angel so I could see him again. Well os found out, because he knows all, and I was thrown down to Earth. I was happy at first, but there is a barrier between me and all mortals, so I can't reach my brother anyway. i walked the Earth for years, lonley and destitiute, as my brother eventually made his way into the kingdom without me. Well eventually Satan reached me... as he does to all fallen angels," David laughed a cold laugh with no humor in it, "He promised me that he would find a way for me to be with my brother again if I would sell my soul to him and become his faithful servant. But he lied, for he is the king of deception, and now I am bound to him forever, as are many other inncocent fallen angels. All we need is a way out, and we could someday return to the Kingdom. I know this is a lot to throw on you right now... but (your name), you are the only one of you left to save us..."
  5. "You are the last Daughter of Purgatta. The Queen of Purgatory. You have the ability to choose who will go to Heaven, and who will be banished to Hell. Al you have to do is find it within yourself, and you can set us all free... So... will you accepy my plea, and save us all?"
  6. His facel ights up for the first time, and he actually smiles. "It's just.. from the first time i saw you I knew you were the one... I just.. have been waiting so long for you..." Then he looks right in your eyes, and leans in to kiss you!
  7. Just as your lips are about to touch, a white pecing light appears, and a strong deep voice yells, "Stop!". David pulls away and atares behind you. You turn around and a boy with blonde hair, an blue eyes stand dressed in all white, looking at you and David... and he has white wings. "Stop David, you can't do this to her." "Do what?, "you say. "A kiss will bind you to David forever, and your soul will be old to the devil., " explains the boy in white. "You knows that a lie, Andrew," says David, "Don't beleive him (your name) he just doesn't think that our innocent souls should be set free." David stares at you wih a gaze that makes you want to beleive him. "Innocent! HA! Why don't you tell her the real story, David." The two boys glaed at eachother, with obvious hate toward one anoher. It was kind of hot. It's kind of confusing, But you decide that you beleive...
  8. Suddenly yet another white light pierces inthe room, and a boy a little older than you with brown hair and strong brown eyes enters and glares at them both. He is tan, and really hot. "Will you two cut it out!," yells the brown-haired boy, "Andrew, you know perfectly well, I'm her guardian angel, so why would you think it would be okay for you to come here, huh?" "Well... Jonathan.. you um weren't her yet and-" stutters Andrew. "Ugh, how many times have I told you I've got this!" Andrew shrug, looks at me, then looks down. David, are we going to have to battle, or are you going to leave...?" says Joanthan. "Not in front of (your name), but trust me any other day..." David glares at Jonathan, who smirks. David takes your hands, kisses them, says, "don't worry I'll be back," and then explodes in a burst of flames.
  9. "Okay... what is going on?", you say. Jonathan sighs, "Well my name is Jonathan, and I am your guardian angel. Andrew is just my brother who has a crush on you." Andrew's face goes red, "do not!" Jonathan rolls his eyes, "Right. Well David is a dark angel, who is using you to try to get you to set all the fallen souls in Hell free. He probably told you, you are the last daughter of Purgatta, and you can choose who will go to Heaven, and who is cursed to the Underworld. I can't tell you what descision to make, but it's my duty to guard you, so I WILL be forced to kill David if he were to come near you again."
  10. "Oh...", you say, "Is it true that if he kisses me, my soul will be bound to him forever?" Jonathan sighs, "Yes, as its' also true that if I or Andrew were to kiss you your souls would be bound to us, and you would never be able to come in contact wit hthe human world again. When David kisses you, you will be bound to the Underworld." Damnnnn. "It's a lot to digest and I can fly you home now if you like," says Jonathan.
  11. "Sure," you say. Andrew comes up to you and takes your hand, "I'll see you again... I promise... (your name), I-I- .....," he glances at Jonathan, "will see you later. He smiles at me and disapears in a blinding light. Jonathan rolls his eyes, "so dramatic. Well.. are you ready...?" He holds out his palm.
  12. "Yes," you say, and in another light you flash back to your bedroom at home. Jonathan stands only inches away from your face. "(Your Name), I've been waiting to be with you for so long... I didn't think I'd actually ever get to touch you..." He tucks a stray strand of hair behind your ear..."If you want to I couls kiss you right now, and you won't have to deal with David ever again... So what do you say...?"
  13. "...I... can't..." Jonathan nods sadly, but he looks like he understands. "Then I have to go." He leaves in that bright wide light, and you sit on your bed, trying to digest everything that's happened since the theater. Your bed buzzes, and you look next to you to find your phone. It's a terxt... from your boyfriend... "Where r u? What happened? I thought we were meeting at the theater?", it says. You quickly text back, for him to come over, and a coupl minute4s later you see him climbing the tree to your window. He lands inside, and has a worried look in his eyes. "What happened?" "Something happened I had to leave.... it-it wasn't safe for me to be there, Brett." He hugs you and say, "Well you'll always be safe with me." He kisses you, and it's the first kiss that won't bind you to something that will send you off the Earth.
  14. You have a good time with Brett, but he has to leave, as you sit on your bed, a piercing white lighjt shines behind, you and you hear Jonathan's voice say, "Something's coming..."
  15. Check back for part 2 soon! And just to let you know, Brett will appear as Collin on the results page, but you know who it really means... but so far, who do u like best!!??!!!

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