What would u score in ur IGCSE science subjects?

IGCSE exams are a very important part of our lives because it's like the first big thing in school life relating to studies. I happen to be a pure science student and thought it'd be good if there was a quiz that could predict your grades in the exams. And so, this quiz saw the light of the day.

I included some short, simple and random questions from Physics, Biology and Chemistry. They are not some of the most important questions but just a few small ones that may just get you a fabulous grade. And so, scroll down to test your knowledge, good luck!

Created by: Hide and seek

  1. Phys- what is d unit 4 weight?
  2. Chem- Which is not an allotrope of Carbon?
  3. Bio- what is d expressed trait of an individual?
  4. Phys-which is used to explain theories of pressure?
  5. Chem- which is d most accurate?
  6. Bio- what is d process by which d roots of a plant uptake minerals from d soil?
  7. Phys- 'The volume of a fixed mass of gas at constant temperature is inversely proportional to its pressure'~ what law is this?
  8. Bio- what is d genotype 4 the alleles 'Tt' known as?
  9. Chem- what is d observation when NaI2(aq) is added 2 AgNo3(aq)?
  10. Bio- which has a nucleus?
  11. Phys- d simultaneous elastic n plastic behaviour of a substance is known as?
  12. Chem- what is d shape of a molecule of Ammonia?
  13. Bio- Name d most in4mative form of representation of an ecosystem.
  14. Bonus- What is an independent variable?~ which sub(s) is this from?~ {in which sub(s) does it usually come in?}

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