Ultimate Science Quiz

Science is a wonderful thing,it comes in unexpected ways in life. A genius masters science. A random smart cookie only knows science. What is a genius? Geniuses are people who are very smart.Smart cookies only know some science.

Are YOU a genius? Or just another random smart cookie? Thanks to my Ultimate Science Quiz, you can find out faster. So grab your thinking cap, and let your inner Einstein be free! Good Luck!

Created by: Michael
  1. Which substance is acidic?
  2. Which of these actions will result in death? (Better get this right!)
  3. Which of these animals is classified as EX endangered level?
  4. Max has 2 different life forms What must he do to turn the 2 life forms into a new living hybrid?
  5. Which of these substances is poisonous?
  6. Which microorganism is the smallest?
  7. Which planet has been no longer considered as one since 2006?
  8. Which of the statements below is a negative side of friction?
  9. Which of the actions below does not prevent metal from rusting?
  10. This is a tricky one. Which of the phobias below does not exist?
  11. This is gonna be tricky. Which venom does the brown recluse spider use?
  12. 1,2,3,Tricky question! What is the effect of Haemotoxin?
  13. Almost Done. Which animal below is not classified as "Most Venomous and Deadly"?
  14. Almost Complete. Which fact is untrue?
  15. Final Question. Which of these exotic pets are venomous?

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