Where Do You Stand In Your Group of Friends?

We all love our friends! They're caring, loyal, compassionate, and plain old awesome! If your friends suck, too bad! But have you ever wondered where you stand in your group of friends?

Who are you in your group of friends? Are you the leader, the thinker, or others? Do you bring smiles to people's faces, of think of new ideas? Find out in this friend quiz!

Created by: Kat

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  1. Your friend recently just broke up with his/her GF/BF. He/She seems really down. You-
  2. Your friend just got hit by that mean old bully. You-
  3. It's soon gonna be your best friend's birthday! One of your friends comes up with the idea of surprise party. Your role is-
  4. You and a friend just recently had a heated arguement. You got over it, bu it seems your friend did not. She/he won't talk to you, sit by you and stares daggers. You-
  5. Your favorite color is-
  6. How do you like this quiz so far?
  7. Choose the emoticon that appeals to you.
  8. Okay, okay. These last few questions will be to assess yourself. Describe your best quality. 'Member, be honest!
  9. Now describe your worse quality. Be honest!
  10. It's time to find out where you stand in your group of friends!

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Quiz topic: Where do I Stand In my Group of Friends?