Who Are You In The Group? (4 Friendz!)

Who are your to your friends? What do they think of you? Are you in the group? Well, let's find out! It's just a few clicks away, and BOOM! you've got yourself a nice result.

Do your friends enjoy you? Do you think they do? Do others think they do? Do you care what others think of you? At all? Does it matter? NO! But take this quiz for a result of awsomeness!

Created by: Bailee

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  1. You and half of your friends are walking through the park (the rest of your friends said they were busy and couldn't go.) While walking through, you pass some people smoking - smoking! And those people, you find out, are your friends! What do you (and the friends with you) do?
  2. Your "friend(s)" offer you a smoke. How do you reply?
  3. Choose a name of a friend. What is that friend's first letter of his/her first name?
  4. What is your favorite "face?"
  5. How do you greet your buds?
  6. What do you think about your friends' flaws?
  7. Do you connect in ways other than the personal up - close kinda thing?
  8. Do you like your friends?
  9. What is your favorite show out of the ones listed below?
  10. Lastly, as always, did you like this test? (Your answer will not effect your result in any way.) If so, remember to rate it five stars! * * * * *

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Quiz topic: Who am I In The Group? (4 Friendz!)