What food are you on the food pyramid?

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Everyone can be matched to a food group. You may not have a taste for that food group (most likely you do), but you have simularities to a food group.

So find out what food you are! Stop wondering, the answer has finally come. Are you breads, meats, veggies, fruits, sugars, or dairy? Find out NOW!

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  1. If I were to say the word "Rabbit" what would you think?
  2. How do you dress?
  3. What is a strong point in your personality?
  4. Your ideal date is?
  5. Which accent do you like?
  6. Your best friend is wearing a horrible outfit that she loves, you...
  7. A rumor is going around about your sister, you...
  8. Answer yes, no or maybe. You live to have fun.
  9. Answer yes, no or maybe. You love to be with people.
  10. What do you think of black?

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Quiz topic: What food am I on the food pyramid?