Are you REALLY in love?

There are many people that say they are in love but few truly are. Love, afterall, is quite sensational. What is love? Take this quiz and find out. Have fun

Are YOU in love? Do you have the sensation that brings you close to this person? A feeling that makes you want them more and more? Until now you could only wonder. In a few minutes you will find out if you are trouly in love babe

Created by: amazon
  1. Have you kissed this person?
  2. do you talk to them in person and on the phone?
  3. have you gone to places with this person [even if you go places with him/her with other people still check yes]
  4. do you smile when they tell you they love you?
  5. Have you ever held hands with them? brock mark yes cuz you and baylee did wen Tanner Post told you guys to wen we went to the movies :]
  6. How many times have you dated this person?
  7. Have people told you that you two look alike?
  8. duz your sister/bro hate this person
  9. Do they make you laugh?
  10. do you make fun of them?

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Quiz topic: Am I REALLY in love?