How much do you LOVE YOU?

There is a saying that goes: You must learn to love yourself before loving anyone else. So once we have learned to love ourselves for who we really are, to what extent does that love go to? How much does it grow? What is the measure of that self admiration which we posess?

Are you wondering to yourself whether you LOVE yourself too much or just about the right amout? Well, let this quiz tell you how much it is that you really do LOVE yourself!

What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
What is your gender?
How many things about yourself would you change? (this includes appearance and personality aspects)
I wouldn´t change a thing!
Oh, only one or two things about my body.
I guess I could have an small personality change, other wise I think I´m fine.
I´m not sure how many but there are a few imperfections which I could better just for myself.
I definitely need a BIG makeover and an attitude adjustment!!
EVERYTHING!!! or at least a long list of things which I know from what people have told me I should change!!
Pick one of the following words that bests describes what you consider yorself to be as a whole(inside and out).
Down to earth
Normal with a unique flare
Just Perfect
Boring and Ugly
When someone comments on your outfit or the way you look in a negative way.(i.e. "What a bad choice of shirt to go with those jeans!"; or "Have you put on a few pounds?" You're response is
Run to your room to be alone and cry until you forget it all.
A few minutes after, find a way to change the ugly shirt or begin a new diet.
Brush it off after taking a look in the mirror and deciding again that it´s your own style and you love it!
Laugh in their faces and say something like: ¨I know that you are so jealous of me, and that I do look great, get over it!¨
Ask the person in private why they said that unnecessary comment or what possible suggestion they might consider to better your look.
Your boy(girl)friend of two years, whom you are still maddly in love with, broke up with you for no reason two weeks ago and after suffering without him(her) and seeing him(her) holding hands with another, he(she) asks you out again. You
Say yes! Immediately, you�?�´ve been dying to go back out with them!
Tell him(her) to give you a few days to think about it but know you will most likely accept at the end, it is just to make him(her) wait a bit, since you waited for him(her) to ask you back out.
Say no way, you are a total loser and I realized that I am way too good for you or any other person your same gender!
Laugh in his(her) face, humiliate him(her), brush your hair back and drive off in your awesome car, while everyone else laughs at him(her).
Tell him(her) you wish to speak in private, work things out and clear out your confusion as to what went wrong the last time and how he(she) can guarantee that another possible time he (she) won�?�´t run off again.
Start crying desperately asking him(her) who that other person was and what they had that you didn�?�´t and promise to change just for him(her).
Using a scale from 0-5, 0 being the worst and 5 the most, how much do you consider that you are the perfect and ideal girl(guy)?
If you are offered a plastic surgery on any part of your body by the most professional doctor in the country along with a professional shoot for your own personnal calendar, because your boy(girl)friend convenced them to, what would you say?
OMG!!! YES YES YES!!! Is it only one surgery? I mean, I can´t get more than one thing fixed??
No way to the surgery, but sign me up for the shoot right away! I´m all ready!!
That is not for me, sorry, I don´t need to change my figure for anyone.
Are scared to say yes and go under the surgery but since your significant other wants you to look better for him(her) decide to go along with it.
Break up with your boy(girl) friend, feel insulted and say, you´re the one that needs it, I´m fine how I am and watch me get another person way hotter than you!
Whenever you realize that you have done something wrong(not bad but like a mistake) what do you do?
feel ashamed, if your dad found out he´d so run the ¨must be perfect¨ speech.
Laugh it off saying I don´t care I love doing everything wrong and being the worst at everything!!
Brush it off but try to learn from that so it won´t happen again.
Feel really embarassed and worried of what people will think and makes sure no one found out.
No way!! I never make mistakes, anyway everyone will copy whatever I do!
What kind of person do you consider yourself to be compared to everyone else?
Just the same, only different!
Better than most of the people I know.
Above Average.
Below Average.
I am one of those people whom isn´t even taken into consideration.
From the following, which would be a favorite quote you would pick?
I only live this life because I´m afraid to kill myself.
I asked God to give me everything so tha I could enjoy life and He is so great that He gave me life so I could enjoy everything in it.
I´m sorry that your boy(girl) friend dumped you for me, I´m just so perfect!
Everything happens for a reason, we must all learn from it and keep on.
Destiny is a path which has been traced for us to take, too bad for the unfortunate ones whom get the worst of life!
Best adjective which describes your personality according to you:
smart and sexy
courageous and popular
I´m not sure what I consider myself...
modest and friendly
Everyone agrees, I´m perfect!

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