Organized Crime

There are many people that have a facination about organized crime, but few people actually know about the research that has gone into it. Let us see how much you know about organized crime, then Forget about it.

Are you a crime guru? Do you think you know all about those criminals from the Old Country that use their charm and brutality to run the streets? Let us find out.

Created by: Brian-Marc
  1. What gang was in the United States longest.
  2. Who is responsible for creating the Five Families (NY gangs)and the Commission (board of directors)?
  3. What was John Gotti's nickname?
  4. All of these are known as the Mafia except:
  5. What is Al Capone famous for?
  6. Where did the Mafia come from?
  7. What movie is a more realistic picture of organized crime life?
  8. What happened to the guy that accidentally hit John Gotti's son with a car?
  9. What percentage of heroin was originally brought into the country by the Mafia?
  10. What is the initiation process of being a made man?
  11. Is there an organized crime family in Florida?

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