Are you a Pro-Procrastinator?

Procrastination. Putting off what needs to be done, for no good reason. Never finishing what you begin. We all do it from time-to-time. But some of us take it too far.

Are you a Professional Procrastinator? Or are you so highly organized and motivated that you put the rest of us normal people to shame? This quiz will shed light on your productive (an unproductive) habits.

Created by: megclef
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  1. Have you ever spent time creating an online quiz in order to avoid doing real, necessary work that you don't want to do, for example, your Honors Thesis?
  2. Do you have a mental list of at least ten great ready-made excuses for why something was late or unfinished?
  3. Do you insist on calling these "explanations" or "reasons" instead of excuses?
  4. Do you spend more time making lists of crap you have to do, rather than actually doing the crap?
  5. Have you ever scrolled through the entire list of phone numbers in your cell phone or address book, looking for someone you could call who would trap you in conversation so you wouldn't have to get some work done?
  6. Hypothetical Situation: You come to work on Friday morning, and suddenly realize that the annoyingly long and difficult proposal was due yesterday, and you forgot to do it. You boss immediately accosts you, demanding an explanation. You . . .
  7. Let's say that you have been assigned a particular task which is not really difficult, but which you simply do not enjoy because it is boring. Would you ever find yourself doing something that is actually more difficult in order to avoid doing the boring
  8. Are you currently taking this online quiz instead of doing something important which needs to be done?
  9. Do you, on a regular basis, leave all of your dirty dishes in the sink until you have literally run out of dishware and utensils?
  10. Have you ever NOT called your mother specifically because you knew she would ask you if you've finally started working on such-and-such, and you don't even want to be reminded about it? (Be honest.)

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Quiz topic: Am I a Pro-Procrastinator?