How Big a Procrastinator Are You?

I was feeling that familiar pang of self disgust I always get when I spend thousands of dollars on University and ignore my workload. Do I ease my guilt by turning

things around and getting down to business? No! I say "There's got to be someone out there worse than me" and make a quiz to find out who that person is.

Created by: idontcare
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  1. Your essay is around halfway finished the night before it's due. Do you say...
  2. When you hand in your work, your Teacher/Prof...
  3. The ideal work environment for you?
  4. Which of these sounds like an appealing snack to interupt your studying with?
  5. When I open my textbook, I...
  6. The phrase "Remember, your term papers are due tomorrow" illicits this reaction from you.
  7. Oh, here's one we've all heard; "This year I'm never gonna leave things to the last minute." How's that working out for you so far?
  8. Go and check your stats for Freecell (or whatever it is you play). Now divide the total number of games you've played by however many months you think you've owned your computer and, if you want to make this fair, subtract the number of months per year yo
  9. You are procrastinating. Do you...
  10. Which of these do you consider a reasonable break from studying?
  11. What is the status of your notes?
  12. Finally, what are you thinking upon finishing this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How Big a Procrastinator am I?