I Need Advice!

Hey, guys! It's DaughterOfPoseidon. So... I need advice. As, you can tell from the title. ANYWAYS. I got some friend problems happening and I don't know what do about it.

This probably won't have good grammar or anything like that. I'm just too stressed out to even think. Anyways, read on and please comment on what I should do. Thanks(:

Created by: DaughterOfPoseidon

  1. Ugh. I'm so stressed right now. I really don't like making rants and just going on and on about my problems... But. This time, I'm not really sure what to do. So, as you can tell by the description (If you didn't read it, read it) I got friend problems.
  2. So, me, and my two friends; Kaitlyn and Sam were planning on going to the mall on Friday. (This was at school) Then the next day, Kaitlyn wasn't there at school. But that's not so important. ANYWAYS. I was texting her, asking if we're still going to the mall on Friday. She said the only day she could go was on Saturday because she was going to her grandmother's for two days and she's not coming back until Saturday.
  3. So, I told Sam about what Kaitlyn said. And then Sam told me, "Oh, haha. I don't even know if I wanna go to the mall anymore." So, then I thought 'Okay. Well, I'm allowed to go on Saturday too so I'll just go with Kaitlyn if Sam doesn't wanna go.'
  4. I texted Kaitlyn back, asking if she wants to go to the mall. Just me and her. After a few minutes Kaitlyn came back to school and she just saw the text. So, yeah. Then, when I got home, my parents said I had to babysit my sister while they were gone for a little. So, I couldn't go to the mall on Friday. I texted Sam saying that I couldn't go on Friday but maybe I could go on Saturday. And remember, when Kaitlyn said she can only go on Saturday? Well Sam thinks I'm trying to ditch her for Kaitlyn.
  5. But, I wasn't! So, I tried to explain about the babysitting and she thinks I'm making this up. So, I then told her (and these are my exact words in the text) Ask Kaitlyn, we're not even going. I didn't even ask her if she wanted to go to the mall because I really don't wanna go to the mall.
  6. After that, she didn't answer back. And now, I'm stressed out and angry. Ugh. I just need to escape from the world.
  7. Anyways, I'll stop talking :/ If anyone can give me advice about this. I would really appreciate it :) Just comment on what you think I should do.
  8. And, sorry for the boring answer choices on this one. :c
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