DaughterOfPoseidon; I Can't Breathe!

So I can't breathe. Why? I got a stupid cold, thats why. Wanna help me out with advice? Put a comment in well... In the comments! Message to DaughterOfApollo below.

This quiz is about DaughterOfPoseidon and how she can't breathe because of her stupid cold. Ugh. Btw DaughterOfApollo, if your reading this... TELL YO DADDY TO SHOOT ME WITH A GET BETTER ARROW.

Created by: DaughterOfPoseidon

  1. I am really, really depressed right now. I'm sick. I missed school today, and I think I have to miss another tomorrow. I like the no school part, but I'm seriously sick!
  2. I got a cold and I can't breathe. (if ya know what I mean) I added a few parts to Part 6 of 'My Journey As A Demigod' but I can't concentrate!!! Hate. My. Life. Right. Now.
  3. So since I'm bored and sick, I'm gonna tell you guys some news on what's going on at my life. So I'm gonna call this, Insider's Know-It-All: DaughterOfPoseidon. I got the name cause of a book that I was in love with on fan-fiction. The girl who's writing it, quit and I'm all like if-you-don't-write-another-part-I-will-kill-you-in-your-dreams. But let's face it, I'm not that mean. Anyways!
  4. So first, I would like to say that there's a science test coming up and I'm freaking out! I'm sick and I can't study. So ya know. And I'll probably miss it anyways cause I'm not coming to school tomorrow, (teacher said the test is gonna be this week) So yeah. Report cards are also coming up, so I'm really scared what my grade's gonna be on French cause I have no idea how to speak it cause I just moved a couple of months ago and missed the Core French part of school. Wish me luck guys cause I'm probably going to French summer school. -.-
  5. Another thing, I miss my friends back where I used to live. One word: D.E.P.R.E.S.S.I.N.G. Did I spell that right? It looks wrong with the period at the end of each letter. *le face palm*
  6. Any advice for me? On how to, calm down before report cards, stop being sad about my old school and advice on how to: BREATHE BECAUSE I GOT A SERIOUS COLD -.-
  7. Comment and rate, that's it. kthxbai.
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