My Journey As A Demigod (Part 6!)

So here's part 6! The monster is coming up... Or is it? "The 3" make an unexpected helper along the way, who claims to be an employee of the Gods. Is that person telling the truth? No idea! Who is she? Find out here! ;)

Okay so that sounded like I was doing some kind of ShamWow commercial XD oops. MAH BAAAD *goat sound* Shout out to Mr. Grover Underwood :P Thanks to the people who helped with the advice on "I Can't Breathe!" thanks you's at the parting words.

Created by: SeaGirl
  1. "Katie" I finally said. Everyone stared at me. "Very well. Leo Valdez, Katie Gardner and Tammy Neill, you all must consult the Oracle about this quest. Go on ahead" Chiron gestured towards a a cliff with a cave. I could see a faint shade of purple, I seen that cave before. It looked pretty cool but at night, it'll give you the creeps. "Oh... Um okay." I said. Me, Leo and Katie started walking towards the woods. "So... We're on a quest now huh?" Leo said, trying to brighten up the tension. Katie nodded. "Yeah" I said faintly. I looked around, everywhere, the trees were making different shadows in the dark, I heard a twig snap but it was just a nymph passing by. "This is..." Katie trailed off. "Scary?" I suggested, she nodded. We kept walking until we arrived at a trail. It went around the mountain/cliff, next to the start of the trail, there was a sign; The Oracle aka R.E.D. " in.... Blood?" I shivered. Leo and Katie burst out laughing. "No! R.E.D as in Rachel Elizabeth Dare, the oracle." she told me. I had a terrible thought of Rachel in the Arts and Crafts building. "Will she do that... Scene again?" I asked. "One can only hope." Leo said, he patted my back and went on with the trail.
  2. -------------- We finally reached the top, Leo grabbed the purple curtain and pulled it away for us to get in. We saw Rachel sitting on a couch scanning through some books. "Sup Ray-Ray" Leo shouted. Rachel jumped and spun around. "Ugh! Leo! You made me lose my page!" Rachel said. Leo grinned. "What? Are you reading those Art Magazines AGAIN?" he asked. Rachel rolled her eyes. "So what's up?" Rachel said, ignoring Leo's comment. Katie smiled. "Were going on a quest." she simply said. The Oracle nodded. "So I'm guessing you need a prophecy? Okay then. Hold on a sec." Rachel took a few steps back and closed her eyes. She said a few words of some forbidden language or whatever. Her eyes shot up and turned yellow. "The quest" that hollow, screechy voice came back. Hated that. "A quest" she repeated. "Three shall travel to the center of life.... And enter a world full of shadow and light" the Oracle spoke. "The choice to save or to save a deceased. Lost hope's dreams of the pleased, seeing the truth in darkness flames." she finally said. I took a deep breath. "I-is that it?" I asked. Katie and Leo kept staring at Rachel. She kneeled down and stood back up again. Her eyes back to normal. "Good to have ya back" Leo said. Rachel ignored him.
  3. "Well... I guess you better get packing" she said. We said our goodbye's and thank you's and headed back down to our cabins. I sat down on my bunk. "What are we supposed to pack?" I asked. Katie looked at me. "Hmm... Um I guess clothes, some food, usual stuff. But not too much that it'll slow us down. Also bring your spear." she told me. I nodded and got ready for the quest.
  4. --------- Me, Leo and Katie stood at the entrance of camp. I looked around to see several campers who came to say goodbye and good luck. "See you soon guys." "Good luck, you'll need it" and "Bring back some pie, eh?" we all smiled at the comments. "Well this is it. See ya guys." Katie said. I waved goodbye. At the last minute Rachel came running towards us. "I forgot! Wait! Okay, your location you have to go to. I forgot to tell you guys. Tell Argus to take you to New Jersey." she said panting. I looked at her. "Why Jersey?" I asked her. Rachel shook her head. "I got a feeling..." she said. ".... That tonight's gonna be a goodnight!" Leo sang. I smiled at his humor and walked towards the camp van. I looked at the logo at side. Farm Road Strawberries? Weird. I thought and got in the van. Katie and Leo followed. "New Jersey, Argus, thanks" Katie said. Argus's eyes looked at us through the driver's mirror and blinked. I guess that means yes. He started the van up and started driving down the hill. "So... Were on a quest huh?" Leo said trying to brighten up the tension. Me and Katie nodded, but said nothing. "You guys nervous?" we nodded. "Do you like cheese?" we nodded. "Speak if you want me to shut up" he said. We nodded again. I guess I wanted Leo to shut up for a while, but part of me wanted him to talk. I didn't like this idea at all. None of this.
  5. ----------- I would like to say that I being on this quest was a bit hard to take in. Like seriously, I heard some demigods get killed on these quests. Will I get killed? I'll make sure to pray to Hades before any life threatening experiences. "Are we almost there yet Argus?" I asked. His thousands of eyes stared at me through a mirror; all blinking at me as if to say, 'Ya think?' I nodded, understanding what he meant. I looked at Leo who was making some kind of contraption with some pipe cleaners. He once told me that he makes things when he's stressed out or nervous. I guess we all get nervous from time to time. Don't we all?
  6. ------------- We finally arrived in New Jersey. Katie opened the van door and jumped out, I followed and so did Leo. Once he stepped out he opened his hands and a tiny helicopter flew out. I looked around to see if anyone noticed. Nope, weird. Katie walked to the passenger seat's window. "Thanks Argus." she said. And with that he took off. I looked around to see exactly where we are. I've never been to Jersey before. We were in a park. I saw some birds hanging out in the fountain, some other kids with their families taking a stroll down a path. I also saw a skate park a few steps away. "Nice" Leo commented. I nodded and we started walking around. "So where should we start, guys?" Katie asked. I thought for a moment. "I don't know. Let's just keep walking." I told her. We walked for a while until we stumbled upon a girl about 19, feeding bread to some pigeons. "Hello there." she said. Normally I would've tried to ignore her, but I just couldn't. It felt like a gravitational pull, trying to suck me in, putting me to extinction. "Hey." I replied. Katie and Leo seemed to be in the same position. "Hey" they both said. The lady smiled at us. "What a wonderful day, eh? I'm getting hungry. Would you like to come get something to eat with me?" she asked. Stop it, a voice in my head spoke. "Stop. Run" it said again. I hesitated for a moment. "I... We're busy." I told her. The lady frowned. "Are you sure about that, dear?" I nodded. "Well. I was going to tell you some information about this quest... But.." she trailed off and smiled sweetly. "How do you know about us? Who are you?" Katie spoke up. "Why.. I'm a employee to the gods, of coarse! I am Otrera..." she told us. "Sounds familiar." Katie said. "I guess we can come..." I said. By Katie and Leo's sighs, they didn't like the idea. But what could go wrong? She's an employee of the gods.
  7. ------------ We arrived, at a cafe near the park. We took our seats and sat down. "Hello, what would you like to order?" a waitress asked. "I'll have a medium latte." Otrera said, she handed over what seems to look like a small gold coin. She smiled and the waitress walked away with the coin. Katie seemed to notice, although Leo seemed to be working on something under the table. (by under the table I meant his hands that are under the table) "So, I would like to start off with this..." she grabbed a piece of paper from her pockets and slid it across the table to me. Otrera gestured me to open it. I grabbed the piece of paper which what folded and tied up with purple string, I untied it. I unfolded the paper and looked at it carefully. After a few moments of silence, I finally looked up. "A decoder." I guessed. Otrera nodded at my intelligence. "So, this is supposed to help us on our quest?" Leo asked. She nodded once more. "For the first part, at least. You'll find a path under the sewers that lead to a stone door. By then you'll see what the decoder is for." she told us. I nodded in response. The waitress came by again and handed Otrera two cups. One probably filled with her coffee and one? Maybe another one for the road.
  8. LEO'S P.O.V-- So I was getting some bad vibes on that second cup of coffee Otrera had. I'm sure I heard her name before... I think Hazel told me something about her? I don't know. Instead of her drinking the coffee, she handed it over to me. "You can all share. I can only limit what I do to help demigods on their quests. I don't like to interfere but, since Im feeling generous, here." she gave it to me and I stared at it. Oh delicious caffeine. I was about to drink it in one gulp but I realized that Tammy and Katie were here. "Oh um here take the cup Snow White. I might get tempted if I hold it" I handed the cup of coffee to Tammy. She held it tight in her hands. "Is that if?" Katie asked. Otrera nodded. "I wish the best of luck for both of you..." she said, with that she disappeared leaving a black cloud in her appearance. It faded away just as quick as it appeared. "Well let's go then" Katie said. We got up and went out the door. "So we have to look for sewers huh? Nasty. Last time I went in a sewer..." I trailed off shivering. Hate sewers. Good thing I got my tool belt! It's Taco Night.
  9. We started walking until we found one near a light pole at the park trail. Katie and Tammy stood guard while I opened the sewer patch. "There we go. Let's go to Motel Sewers" I said. We carefully climbed down the ladder that attached to the walls. "It smells like upsexy in here" I told them. I could see Katie raise her eyebrow. "Whats upsexy?!" she shrieked. "Not much how bout' ya?" I said laughing. I heard Tammy giggle. I smiled, I haven't heard her giggle in a long time.
  10. ---------------- TAMMY'S P.O.V.-- Me, Leo and Katie were getting super tired of walking. But we kept walking anyway. "So far... This quest sucks" Katie pointed out. I nodded in agreement. Who knew a quest needed so much walking? We kept walking until we stopped dead in our tracks. A cage. Katie pulled out her dagger, Leo's hand burst in flames. And I? Well I had a spear. I looked at the cage. A girl about 12 with wet black hair covering her face crouched down in the corner of the cage. She looked up. The girl's eyes turned red, but it turned brown after that. I shivered. I had serious bad vibes about this girl. The girl stood up in her cage and walked towards our direction. 
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