The quiz for people who breathe

If you breathe then you can take this quiz. Do YOU breathe? I for one like breathing. Sometimes i do so all day long. At night i try to keep it down so that i don't wake the neighbours. If you also breathe then step right up and do the necessary. You know it makes sense.

If you want to know what the universe thinks you are then take the quiz and find out! If not, why not draw me a picture of a ferris wheel and email a scanned copy to my hotmail? Can't draw? Never mind. Why not post me all your money and i'll count it for you. Promise i'll give it back in a couple of days all sorted and in pristine condition.

Created by: Stumpy
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  1. It is possible to have a five sided square because...
  2. Which church believes that there were once locomotives on the surface of Mars?
  3. Death is the end...or is it? Who stated that, 'Death is but a canvas onto which to paint your bloody corpse?' Was it...
  4. Which of the following has the smallest hands?
  5. Running with scissors is a good idea because...
  6. 'A History of Violence' is a bad movie because...
  7. George Orwell wrote the famous book...?
  8. You've just woken up and realised that instead of writing up that report for this morning's meeting you've actually just created a pool of unwanted saliva. Your excuse is that...
  9. The most common cause of death in the UK is..?
  10. Which of the following is not a real movie title?

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