This quiz is all about taking advice from strangers. Its boring that you get the same old advice coming from your family. Ask someone over the internet, around the world. And who knows? Some of the best advice comes from an unexpected place

I thank you for your help. You truly helped me. If your advice wasn't so helpful. At least you helped me put. And once again thank you. I really truly admire you!

Created by: Crystal Star
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  1. Ok, thanks for your advice! Please post it in comments and i'll check evryday to see what comes in. You DON'T have to rate!
  2. Ok here's my details: My names Alice, Im 15 years old. I live in london with my mum and dad.
  3. Ok so. I was in the park, you know just chilling. Staring at my awesome new fake nails. And a cute boy comes sit next to me.
  4. Hes got deep blue eyes, a quif, his hairs brown and was wearing a suit. He said "Hi, i'm Taylor. And you are?" I thought for a moment. Should i give this cute boy Taylor my details?
  5. i replied "I'm Alice!" And we shook hands. From then we chatted. About school and the enviroment and our hobbies. It was getting late about 6pm when we started to get bored. He got a phone call. He answered and was chatting to his mum i think for like 5 minutes. When he got off he said: "Well i gotta go! I'll give you my number!"
  6. He gave me a peice of paper with his number and i gave him mine. He got up off the bench and said "bye alice!" He walked a few meters and turned back. He walked back towards me and kissed me and the lips.
  7. Then he walked off. I was stunned. Thats my first kiss. I liked taylor and he seemed to like me. I had black hair, baby blue eyes. It felt good the kiss. Really good. But for some reason a tear rolled down my face. Then another and another and another. I ran home after i had cried a puddle.
  8. After a few weeks, me and taylor met up again. I told my mum and dad the day of the kiss about taylor. And they said "well we are going out in a few weeks. You can bring him round while were gone!" I didn't tell them about the kiss because they'll be dead angry. So i invited taylor round the second my parents were gone.
  9. So when Taylor came round. I made him something to eat and drink. I was a little bit naughty and got wine out the cupboard. But that when i dropped it and it spattered all over my clothes.
  10. Taylor said "go get cleaned up, i'll clean this up!" So i went upstairs and changed. After a while i heard footsteps on the stairs. The next thing i knew Taylor was in my bedroom when i was only it my bra and knickers. I stopped dead when he saw me. He smiled "nice body!" He walked closer to me. I didn't know what to say. I closed for my eyes for like 5 seconds hoping he'll go away but when i opend my eyes he was right in my face. He was holding me close.
  11. "Wat are you doing?" I said. He replied " i want us to be a couple!" WARNING: NEXT BIT IS INNAPROPITE A LITTLE. DONT READ ON IF YOU FIND SEXUAL STUFF UNCOMFORTABLE. DO NOT REPORT! I WARNED YOU. He slid his hands into my knickers. I was frozen i didn't know what to do.
  12. He said "i wanna make love with you!" I was still frozen but i was manage to say "why?" Then he said "coz i love u, just relax!" When he said that i just felt wonderful. WARNING: INNAPROPITE I took a risk. And said....
  13. I said yes! WARNING Then... You know.. We had sex.
  14. A few days later. I recieved a gift from taylor. I opened it and it was a pregnancy test. I breathed deeply. I went to the toilet and took it. It said...
  15. It said postive! I started crying, i always wanted a baby, but not now! I'm 15. I phoned taylor. And he seemed happy really happy! He said " now lets runaway and live as a family!"

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