Okay I need some love advice part 5!

READ ME: It's been awhile. Sorry. If you haven't read Okay I need some love advice parts 1-4 read them now! Scary Sad Surprise in side! I >3 Mason!!! I have to write more!

PLEASE ANWSER ALL QUESTIONS OR RESULTS WILL BE MESSED UP. It's a little longer than the other parts. You know what is so funny? Alex and Mason from Wizards of Waverly Place. My sis was watching that!

Created by: Alex;O
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  1. Again sorry it's been so long! Read the top and we can get this show on the road!
  2. I left off Friday... So I just saw him once that weekend at a party. We just talked alittle nothing special.
  3. Well anyways I'm going to skip to the Friday after that! The rest of the week was too crazy!
  4. Anyways at lunch I was sitting by Mason. He has some weird obsession over tin foil. Kassie was sitting by us and she had "cheeseburger" from school. Our school wraps them in this awesome tin foil with cool designs all over it and she gave it to Mason. All his friends were tring to tear it. When he was showing it to Chris. I came over and Chris told me to rip it. I didn't want to but it became a big deal and practically the whole cafeteria was yelling rip it rip it... so I did.
  5. Mason got really mad and his face was super red! I had never seen him so mad and I tried to say sorry but he ignored me. I hadn't realized what I did!
  6. Everyone else high fived me and stuff but i didn't pay attention. My friends Anna, Cassidy, Clara, and Erin are in my free period so we all snuck in the gym to look for a desinged tin foil but came up with nothing!
  7. When Mason and I were getting on our busses he called me a jerk and wasn't joking around!
  8. Monday morning he was still mad. I was passing notes with Cassidy about it and we got caught. Not by the teacher just by Cole and Ethan. Ethan always see us but Cole never has and he stared to read it aloud to Ethan.
  9. He slowly read about Mason. But He counldn't tell who wrote what Cassidy realized it and took a fall for me. She started acting like she liked Mason the guys belived her and promised not to tell.
  10. When I sat by Mason at lunch he seemed to have forgetten about the whole thing.
  11. Sorry I told you that it kinda ruins everything. So move info: I'm moving far far far away witch is very very very sad and also y I want Mason to know I like me. (I have 2 weeks)
  12. Back to the story: In our school we are connected to the elem. school and have these things called "safty patrols". 8th graders patrol younger grades. Mason patrols 1st and I do 2nd. We were in the hall and I saw Mason, Cole, Ryan ( a 1st grader that rides my bus), and a few other 1st graders. When they walked by Mason said "That's an example of Sassy" and pointed to me. We all laughed and I knew it was a joke. When we were on the bus Ryan joked about it and I told him to tell Mason and Cole they were sassy.
  13. Today I was the one who had a good laugh! Anyways This morning I went up to Mason and said I hate you (jokingly). Which is part of our normal routine. Then he says I hate you back... But not today. Today he got really worried and asked why. I said I was kidding and you could see his face getting back to normal.
  14. Okay so i'm going to rewind to last Mon. Well this is semi- interesting. Mason and I are both gifted (as well as Cassidy) That's why we have so many classes together. Our gifted teacher was telling us that most of us going to public highschool were going to meet the gifted teacher. We were all sitting at one of the circle tables and was pointing out the people like me who were not going to meet her because we wern't going their. When she pointed to me she said I wasn't cause I was moving. Everyone was quite after that. I had only told my teachers and my 2 bffs! I saw the worry lines on Mason's face as he said " Your moving?"
  15. I just nod my head and the day went on. You must answer all the "questions" or the results will not make no cense

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