Okay I need some love advice 3

READ ME!: Please read Okay I need some love advice parts 1 and 2! If you scroll all the way down you might find the links. Please read the WHOLE results because YOU can help me even if you don't have an account.

I'm going to try and make these every night (because I'm too busy during the day) This site has like become my diary. But my diary writes advice back on here. I know I didn't write much but It was only 1 day!

Created by: Alex!
  2. Mason didn't mention anything about what happened yesterday (thankfully)
  3. When we were in Science class we were doing working on a project on gum. We were sorted into groups for that. Now I wasn't in the same group as Mason but we were sitting close by.
  4. So our teacher "Mrs. J" was explaining what we would do. She said every group would get a different type of gum.
  5. She was listing different types of gum from double bubble to bubble yum and when she said surger free.. Mason scooted back really fast in his chair and made a really funny face. Everyone stated at him and I
  6. started to laugh like crazy! Then everyone stared at me I was so embarrassed! Later on Mason said he prayed his group wouldn't get suger free and agian I stared laughing like crazy!
  7. At lunch I sat next to Erin and Kassie (another friend) and aross from Mason His friend Ethan (Cassidy's crush) and Michael. Also at our table was Cole and Sydni. Well we all talked for awhile and like everyday Erin and I got in to our games of Oreo.
  8. Oreo is like rock, paper, sissors, shoot( Google it if you dont know what that is) but with a twist. Instead of just winning the winner tells the loser to ask someone out. Mason sometimes jokingly says yes to girls and guys who loose. (Mason is not gay!)
  9. Anyways Erin told me to ask Mason cause I lost. He said yes, jokingly. I acted all sad but I obviously wasn't. We played agian and I won I said Mason expecting him to say yes but he said no to her.
  10. Everyone was like what the heak and he didn't say a word about it for the rest of the day.
  11. Hope you enjoyed and remember read the whole result! Thanks!

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