Okay I need some love advice!

Y'all this is my story of my crush Mason and I need your advice in the comments. My name is Alex and his is Mason,as I said, if you want to do a love test.

Okay this is what Mason looks like: He has light dirty blonde hair which is on the long side but not too long. He has baby blue eyes. He is very funny and cute(the way I like them) We also tease each other alot, but thats a sign of LOVE!

Created by: ALEX ;D
  1. Okay so lets start from the beginning: 2 years ago I came to this new school. I made many friends fast but not a boyfriend. So my locker neighbor,Mason, was my crush but we hardly ever talked. I knew I couldn't flirt with him because he had a girlfriend. I was so jealous of her!
  2. Okay soon it was summer vacation. I didn't see him the whole Summer! When we got back to school I found out that him and her broke up and he was in most of my classes! Somehow me and him started teasing each other. Maybe it was because my friends teased him so I just started.
  3. So for the 1st half of the year he sat next to me and my friends(witch are all girls). That was strange because all the guys teased him for that. Then around the middle of the year they really got to him he started to sit by them. Also Mason makes up funny songs. That year he made up one about me and 3of my friends. The song went like this: Jingle Bells Sydni smells, Reagan flew away, Kenzie lost a hand and Alex (thats me) kissed me. Then he quickly changed it to killed me. Everyone tessed him after that.
  4. So this year we still had many classes together including lunch. I am going to talk about one class now (math). Okay thats the class that I sit behind him. We always talked and joked around in that class like we were Best Friends. Then are teacher move everyone and it ended up right next to him!
  5. He and me loved to play around in class. We got in trouble alot, but I didn't care ( Most of the time when I get in trouble I get uptight). She finally moved us apart and thats when we started to really tease each other again.
  6. So one day after Mason got back from Mexico we passed in the hall and he said, teasingly, in front of a buch of people I better. Soon we both said it to each other all the time. Now everyone knows we say that to each other.
  7. One day Mason came in with glasses on! Everyone said he looked like Harry Potter ( even though he doesn't). I mean his a light dirty blonde hair which is on the long side. So anyways he drew the sign on his forhead and now his nickname is Harry.
  8. Another thing that makes us tease each other is that he loves the Vikings(my least favorite team). And I love the Redskins (his least favorite). One day when we both wore our jersey's a BIG crazy melee was created!
  9. At lunch I mainly sit with my friends but when I do sit by him and his friend he suddenly lights up. We talk and make jokes and tease each other. EVERY MINUTE I AM BY HIM I FEEL SOOO GOOD AND I AN SCREAMING ASK HIM OUT INSIDE. I have had many other crushes but none this extreme!
  10. Now the day before Spring break (which was my B-day too! :D), we watched "The Video", if you know what I mean. And it was very disturbing. Well I was in the hall and heard him talking to his buds and the convo. went like this: That was so gross, said a bud. Yea but if I had to pick a person I would know who,he sad. Who, his buds. Well don't tell anyone but, Alex. You like her, a bud said. And thats all I heard once they realized I was in the hall.
  11. So I haven't even told this to my BFF so be honered! I will be so pleased if you can give be advice! Oh and guys the answer is not obvious! There are 3 girls at my school named Alex!

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