Don't Stop Believing (Pt 2)

Skye Whiteson always dreamed of being a famous singer. So, 14 years old and in the middle summer, she decides to audition for a local singing contest.

But when that doesn't go as well to plan, her friend David gives her some advice. What will happen next?! Okay, please rate and comment thanks :) Okay, have fun!

Created by: mistyy
  1. Hello, and welcome to Part 2 of "Don't Stop Believing". I recommend you reading Part 1, but here's a recap just in case! :D
  2. PREVIOUSLY ON DON'T STOP BELIEVING: Skye's chance of performing at the local singing competition is crushed as someone switched disks on the day of the auditions. One of the judge threw a frenzy at her and now she can't audition or compete, in that matter of fact. Will she ever fulfill her dreams of becoming a singer?
  3. "Are you hungry?" my mom asks, pushing a bowl of corn flakes to me on the table. I shake my head, looking down. "Skye, honey, what's wrong?" she says to me. I sigh and start to play with my corn flakes with my spoon. "It's nothing. Mom, you know what; I'm not hungry." I get out of the kitchen as fast as I can and make a beeline for my room. I walk in and glance around. All these years. With countless One Direction posters stuck on my pink-painted wall and a bunch of Justin Bieber and One Direction CD's on my bookshelf, lined up neatly chronologically. Maybe it's time for a change?
  4. Maybe I'm not destined to be some famous singer. Maybe I'm destined to be something else. I take down one One Direction poster which covered my door. Then another on my first wall, the one of Niall Horan. I sigh. How could I let them go? More importantly, how can I let my dream go? I turn around and I'm greeted with a giant Justin Bieber poster, the one when he was famous in 2010. He was standing, and underneath it said: "NEVER SAY NEVER." I acknowledge this slowly. Never say never. I wipe the almost-came out tears from my eyes, smooth out of my shirt and held my head high. I'm not going to give up just because of one lousy day!
  5. I tie my black, wavy hair into a ponytail, changed into a purple skirt and pulled on my flip-flops. Suddenly, my phone starts beeping. I have a new text message! I have a black iPhone, so I open the text message and it says: "From: David." I smile. Somehow, seeing Davids name makes me crack a smile even when I'm feeling down. "hey skye, meet u at the park?" it says. "sure." I text back. "meet u there in 10 mins"
  6. For those of you who don't remember David, here's a recap: Once I reach the ice cream parlor, I see my friend David. David is a fifteen year old sophomore. He has brown hair and hazel eyes. He must've received a beautiful golden-glow tan to his skin during summer like the kind of skin Justin Bieber had in the Boyfriend video. "Hey Skye." David greets me. I smile at him as we line up. "Hot day, huh?" he asks. I nod. "Sure is. I'm auditioning for a singing contest today." I inform him. David looks really happy. "Really? That's awesome!" he cheers me on. This is what I love about David. Always happy, enthusiastic and he supports me. "Do you want to hang out this afternoon?" he asks me. I shake my head. "Sorry, David. Auditions, remember?" "Oh okay, yeah. Good luck." he tells me and walks off with his ice-cream. I smile. He seems so sweet!
  7. I reach the park and I see David wearing a pair of blue basketball shorts and a t-shirt. His beautiful tanned-glow never left his face. "Hi David!" I greet him. He smiles. "Hey, Skye. Sup?" Typical boy language! I laugh uneasily. "Um... not much." "How was the auditions?" He asks me, raising an eyebrow. I look down. I think I'm going to cry. Tears flow inside my eyes. David notices this. "Hey, hey, Skye... please don't cry," he tells me, putting his hand on my shoulder. "What's wrong?" I can't hide it anymore... I can't take it in... instantly, I start crying. David pulls me in for a hug and I let him. He lets me cry on his shoulder. We seem to be there for a long time. Me, my face on his shoulder, crying like a 5-year-old, and him hugging me like a true friend.
  8. After a while, David lets me go and he whispers, "Listen, Skye. My friend Angelina had this thing on Facebook. It's called Young Performers" I look at him, my eyes red and puffy and nose stuffed. "So?" "You can audition for the Young Performers and totally win it!" he suggests excitely. I laugh. "Okay, what has that got to with me? Besides, in detail please." I say. David shrugs. "You know, you can register it and audition. Then you can win. The prize is $100,000 and a contract with Sony Music." he says. My eyes suddenly are brightened up with hope. "I'll do it!" I tell him. "Great," he smiles. "Here's Angelina's email and phone number and other contact details." he gives me a professional looking business card.
  9. I went home, excited, practically jumping out of my skin in exhilaratement. I fumble through my shoulder bag, trying to find my cell phone. I find my iPhone and dial in Angelinas number. As I was about to hit the green button, I pause. I suddenly feel nervous. I've been rejected once, I'm scared to be rejected again. I stare at the phone. Should I or should I not?
  10. Cliffhanger :)
  11. Thank you for reading this. Part 3 will be out hopefully by tomorrow or so. Thanks again and please rate and comment!

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