Do You Believe In Things Anymore?

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As you grow older you stop believing in things. It’s a known fact but many people never really stop. Of course they’ll say so but inside they are just calling out for their childhood dreams to come true. Are you one of these people. There’s no shame in admitting it. I myself still believe in imaginary worlds, yes, laugh all you want but soon you might realize that you do too…


Created by: Jack Attack 1995

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  1. Do you still make a wish on your birthday?
  2. Do you think that Santa Claus exists?
  3. Do you believe in the magic of the holidays?
  4. You see a shooting star. Do you wish on it?
  5. Do you believe your wish will come true?
  6. When you turned 11 did you expect a letter from Hogwarts?
  7. Lets just say it got lost in the mail and it arrived right now, would you believe it to be real or A joke?
  8. Do you think Peter Pan will come and take you to Neverland?
  9. Did you ever hope he would?
  10. Do you dream of castles and dragons?
  11. Do you draw them constantly?
  12. Do you ever just wish for something to take you away from your life?
  13. Now do you think you really still believe in things OR do you think your over it all and ready for the world?
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Quiz topic: Do I Believe In Things Anymore?