What kind of monster are you?

Do you have strange things that happen to you and if any thing you have seen that makes no sense to you and you go into trances and are more powerful then you were at other times have fun and enjoy the quiz.

This quiz shall tell you of the monsters and demons on the earth now and a long time ago all things in this quiz are just things I have seen and have done in past forms i had no control of those beings and just remember the things.

Created by: ShadowAl

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  1. It is night time you are doing what?
  2. The sun is rising.
  3. You see fire you do what?
  4. You hear on the news that a monster of some kind is in your area wow do you act.
  5. A monster is in front of you and has chalanged you to fight it.
  6. The goverment gets you and wants to use you for experiments.
  7. Fav color
  8. Light or Darkness
  9. Dawn or Dusk
  10. meat or vegitable
  11. Life or Death

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Quiz topic: What kind of monster am I?