What is your curse or gift?

Kinda got lazy towards the end.. had things to do. :V So here this is.. my test that I made with what I hope is original things or maybe similar things but with a twist ig.. This was just for testing ;-;

Oh won't you tell me / Won't you tell me / This thing I've come to be? The monster that you see / Is it a part of me? / I'm breaking down and shaking 'round in / This world so helplessly / But you just laugh and grin / Completely blind within There's no point now, broken anyway / I try to stop my breath / Even knowing the truth won't unravel / Me until my death
So breakable, unbreakable / I'm shaking but unshakable / The real you I've found at last

Created by: Orion Cleave

  1. Do you want the power to create dark orbs that act has black holes and suck everything in into an empty space?
  2. Do you want the power to create rose petals from your energy that when touched, starts to decay things slowly and depending on the energy output, the amount of decaying it does?
  3. How about the power to absorb energy from others? (unable to use the energy you absorbed if from a person or creature), do you want that?
  4. And what about the power to summon a hand of solid lightning from your energy, using that to attack or defend? Do you want that?
  5. Do you want the power to cover your body in an invisible field that stuns things temporarily?
  6. Do you want the power run at high speeds for a short period of time after covering yourself in a shocking type aura?
  7. Summon your spirit animal and use the power it has to attract things either to you or to other things. Want that?
  8. Use the power of your spirit animal that has fused with you to make attacks bounce back at the one who sent them or making it bounce off and hit something else? Want that? x3
  9. Summon your spirit animal to make two or more things collide with one another at high speeds. Do you want that?
  10. Do you want the power to stand directly in front of a large beam capable of destroying a whole city and make it bounce off of your hand and into the sky?
  11. Someone just shot a bullet at you.. what do you do about it?
  12. Someone threw a huge boulder at your family / friends. What do you do to save them?
  13. You were playing in a pool with strangers when suddenly one of them pulls out a weapon and starts swimming towards you as one of the others hold you still.. what do you do?
  14. You start crying because someone you love or cared about just died in front of you. What do you do?
  15. You are fighting someone much stronger than you and suddenly remembered that..
  16. A wild beast appears and roars at you and your team, making a fist, it punches but misses your team, sending everything that was in front of the punch backwards and breaking apart. You know that you can't escape from this and you have three choices.. which do you pick before it attacks with an even stronger punch?
  17. You're near death because of your enemy you fought that threatened your home village.. you can only do one last thing before your demise. Which of the following do you do?
  18. I hit you multiple times until you finally fight back. I swing a kick that'll decapitate you. What are you most likely to do with the power you have?
  19. You're being chased by someone because they want you dead. What do you do to lock them inside of the cave once you get out?
  20. God? Spirit? Beast? Devil? Which one do you want aid from?
  21. Your sibling won't stop complaining about everything. They keep complaining for hours.. each day.. nonstop.. what do you do to fix it?
  22. You are tasked with allowing one of these to fuse with you. which do you pick?

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Quiz topic: What is my curse or gift?