Rob P2......The Bossy One!

This quiz is basically about me. I just kinda put together a few things that my people might, or should know. I hope you have fun taking this little quiz!

How well do you know ya boi Rob P2, well lets find out. The following 20 questions just ask a little bit about me and things related to me. After you take the quiz you will get your results!

Created by: Rob P2

  1. My favorite anthem for 2006, and now 2007 is what?
  2. How do I wear my hair?
  3. What was the name of my first car?
  4. What is an important element in my life?
  5. What did I spend so much time in California for?
  6. What was might dogs name, She was pure white and very smart?
  7. What other Michigan city did I live in besides Detroit?
  8. What field is my Bachelor's Degree In?
  9. Family is hekka inmportant to me, biggups to
  10. What is my Sign?
  11. What has mainly been my professinal career affiliations?
  12. What college did I receive my Bachelor Degree from?
  13. Where did I get my last Tattoo Done at?
  14. Where did I get my first tattoo at?
  15. What celebrity do folk say I look like?
  16. How many siblings do I have?
  17. What part of the "D" was I born on?
  18. In reference to the whole P2 thang, where does it come from?
  19. What are two cities I would consider moving to?
  20. When I went to college, did I live on or off campus?

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