How do I feel about us?

There are plenty of times we sit there on the phone or even in person and think about things but never say them. Our conversation on messenger made me realize that more than ever.

So I wanted a way to say things without having to really say them. Yes, even I have a hard time communicating my feelings sometimes. Here's what I came up with. Hope you have a little fun with it at least. :-)

Created by: Wendy of lost_enchantment
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  1. How much do I like you?
  2. What do I think is the best thing we have?
  3. How much would I like to see you?
  4. Do I think you would cheat or have cheated on me?
  5. What would make me happier than anything for you to say?
  6. How stable do I feel our relationship is?
  7. What do you do that can brighten my day every time?
  8. What do I want out of you more than anything?
  9. How much do I enjoy being with you?
  10. Where do you see this going?

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