Believing in God

" This is a quiz about believing in God. it should help you revise for your end of unit test and your GCSE exams.It does not take much to be an RE genius.All you have to do is read and practice exam questions"

"How good are you in RE? Do you have what it takes to win the title of RE genius? you will be amazed at how easy it is. Thanks to this great quiz, in a few minutes we will find out"

Created by: Louise
  1. All these are a feature of a Christian upbringing except one
  2. all these are correct statement about people with a religious upbringing except one
  3. what is a religious experience
  4. what is numinous?
  5. what is conversion?
  6. if an atheist or agnostic witnesses a miracle, their first reaction would be....
  7. this is the last part of the design argument
  8. the argument from causation is trying to prove that God exist by.....
  9. the search for meaning and purpose in life is concerned with
  10. the presence of religion in the world can lead people to, or support, belief in God
  11. according to the big bang,
  12. this is one reason why some people do not believe in miracles

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