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  • Well he obviously likes you. He's kinda shy beacause he doesn't know how YOU feel. Drop some hints. Flirt a little, but don't go giiglgy. Or he will stop liking you. Then he or you will find the courage to make a move. And if you make the move, remember, he really likes you so don't be emmbaressed or nervous about messing up. And if you guys could help me on a similer problem. My quizz is Crush help needed.

  • first you need to know if the other 3 Alex is as close to him as you. second step is stay your friendship as usual. the others comments may suggest you to flirt, but because i'm not a flirty person, tell you what, you can work all day looking for one or two jokes or teases that have a flirt inside like what he did. and remember to act like usual and a bit closer. Let the time answers, sis.

  • Wow so if he still likes you when school gets back in you should see if he still lights up then ask him out or idk i am sorry this might not be the best advice i am to young to date cant date till 15 2 more years

    shadow wolf 195
  • Obvious answer is obvious.
    OBVIOUS he likes you more than a friend.
    OBVIOUS you know that since you've heard it.

    And OBVIOUS he wants to ask you out, but maybe you should make the first move.

  • Don't worry, I know what it feels like! I think you should make some subtle hints to him like he has to you. It's OBVIOUS he likes you (more than friends). If that goes well, then maybe you should make the first move. I know its scary, but what can go wrong?


  • Holy shiz, girl! I think he likes you!!!! I don't say this about many people, but he's showing all the signs. I know you want to ask him out, but I think it's best to let him make the first move. (You can give him little hints like flirting a little.) When he's ready, he will ask you out. In the mean time, keep hanging out with him.

  • I think he likes you.. By the sounds of it, he's just shy and wants for you to make the first move. If your too shy, give him a few hints that you like him and maybe he'll make the first move

  • Aww thats so cute,girl its SO OBVIOUS HE LIKES YOU MORE THAN A FRIEND!!!!Go on,be daring,if he doesn't ask you out than ask him out yourself.But im not positive this will work since ive never had a boyfriend,or a crush.

  • I know I'm not the best with people, but if you two like each other you should ask him out. unless youre too young. oh and this may not be relevant but if he gives into peer pressure that easily he may not like you that much. or hes just shy(this is more likely.)

  • @cherryflower I'm the same!!

    If you really like him, you should just confess about your feels to him.

  • Tell him ur true feelings

  • by all that youve said, he's probably just shy and wants you to make the first move. if he 'lightens up' when ur around him, then he must like it when ur around him!

  • Duh! He loves you!


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