Who is your crush ?

Hi i have never put anthing on the internet before so lets get started my name is Georgia and i have made this quiz so that if you are having any boy trouble you have come to the right place!

Do you really like a boy in your class or someone you have fancied for years then this quiz might help make your dream come true so gets those boys shoes on and your ready to ROCK AND ROLL!

Created by: Georgia

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  1. What colour eyes does your crush have?
  2. What letter does his name begin with?
  3. Is he cute or not so cute?
  4. Has he got a nice smile?
  5. what kinda mates does he have?
  6. Do any of his friends fancy yours?
  7. What does he do in school?
  8. Does he like me?
  9. Whats his favourite colour?
  10. Does he have any pets?

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Quiz topic: Who is my crush ?