Does Your Crush Love You?

Are you wondering if your crush loves you? (If you aren't, then I have no idea why you clicked on this quiz) Anyway, this quiz has more than 20 questions asking what your crush does.

If your crush has ever talked to you, and because of that, do you think that your crush really does love you? But at the same time, are you wondering if he/she was talking to you just because you were one of his/her peers, and doesn't love you? Well, there are questions in this quiz that can help you solve that problem!

Created by: Angela
  1. Does your crush ever stare at you?
  2. Does your crush ever approach you or go near you when you are alone?
  3. Does you crush ever act like you don't exist whenever you are very close to them?
  4. Has your crush ever touched you?
  5. Has your crush ever looked into your eyes longer than usual?
  6. Has your crush ever helped you do something?
  7. Does your crush ever stare at your face?
  8. When you talk to your crush, do they ever blush?
  9. Whenever you talk to your crush, do they ever smile nervously?
  10. Whenever you talk to your crush, do they give you perfect eye contact?
  11. Do they ever act really funny whenever he is in the same room as you?
  12. Does your crush ever joke around with you?
  13. Is your crush your boyfriend/girlfriend?
  14. Does your crush ever stalk you?
  15. Has your crush ever been mean to you?
  16. Has your crush ever told on you because you did something bad?
  17. Do you think your crush likes you? (If you think he does, then it is usually true)
  18. Does you crush ever seem shy when they is around you?
  19. Does your crush ever try to be near you?

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