Are You in Love, or Is It a Crush?

Have you ever wondered if you are in true love, or if it was just a crush? Well, with this fun quiz, you can find out if it's a cold fish, nothing, kindergarten crush, little crush, crush, or true love.

Answer a few simple questions and BE HONEST!!! You won't know the truth if you are not! This quiz is to be a helpful guide, so take the answers into consideration. Now go ahead and learn a little more about yourself!

Created by: Amy
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. How well do you know your crush?
  2. Do you like his friends?
  3. Do you know what color his eyes are?
  4. What is your response when you see him?
  5. How many guys do you like?
  6. How do imagine your first kiss?
  7. Why do you like him?
  8. Have you imagined your wedding?
  9. Have you ever felt this way before? This question is for people 15 and younger.
  10. Do you want to change anything about him?
  11. Choose one:
  12. What's his favorite color?
  13. You happen to be walking along the street and you see you crush about to be hit by a car. You...
  14. He looks like...

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Quiz topic: Am I in Love, or Is It a Crush?