Does your Crush love you?

This quiz will see if you have a chance with your crush and if he will ask you out. Take this quiz if you are wonder if your crush has a crush on you.

Are you tired of wondering if your crush likes you or not? Well not for long, take this quiz and you will find out if he really likes you! (Girls Only)

Created by: Sup9877
  1. Ok this is the most simplest question. Why did you take this quiz?
  2. Has your crush ever stared at you?
  3. Has he ever tried to impress you?
  4. If he tries to impress you, how?
  5. Does he ever act nervous around you?
  6. If he does act nervous around you, how?
  7. Has he ever told you that he likes you?
  8. Has he ever told anybody else, besides you, that he likes you?
  9. Does he secretly take pics of you, prints them and hangs them on his wall?
  10. Is your Crush your boyfriend?
  11. What is his personality?
  12. Is he ever mean to you or trying to beat you up? (Mostly cause he is trying to hide the fact that he likes you, trust me, I know.)
  13. Has he ever asked you out?
  14. Do you know where he lives?
  15. When you try to hang with your crush, is he always surrounded by his friends?
  16. Does your crush try to hang out with you?

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Quiz topic: Does my Crush love you?