Does he Love Me???.....

Do u think he loves you? take this quiz aund find out does he smile when he see your face do he care what other people say does he make a big deal out of the teeniest things?? take this quiz and fin out.

answer these questions to find out if you and ur relationshipee mite have something and EVEN if my results dont seem true...which i HIGHLY doubt.....i guesss we'll see...ha ha ha

Created by: Nicole

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  1. Does he call/text you everyday?
  2. Does he seem to care what other people think about the two of you?
  3. Does he listen to rumors about you before coming to you about it first?
  4. What is his response when you tell him you love him??
  5. Is he sometimey towards you? (as in does he wanna be bothered one minute then the next minute doesnt?)
  6. Do you catch him flirting with other girls?
  7. Has he ever left you for a long period of time before?
  8. Does he ever tell you he loves you?
  9. Does he ever hit you?
  10. Does he talk to you when he has something on his mind?

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