will my age gap relationship work out?

This is for guys and girls to find out if you have a lasting age gap relationship. Cuz let's face it, they're hard to keep up. Between the glares and issues, in the end you're in love. Right?

Take this to find out if you'll be like Beyoncé and Jay-Z or if a break up is coming your way. This quiz will help you find out if your age gap romance is going to last forever or go down in flames.

Created by: Ray Mic Mac
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Be honest. Is this a real relationship or a fantasy?
  2. Do you're parents or friends support your relationship.
  3. How big is your age gap?
  4. Is you're relationship sexual?
  5. Is this a puppy love, or leading up to marriage?
  6. How do you communicate?
  7. Does you're significant other know your age?
  8. Do you want kids?
  9. follow up question. Does you/partner able to kids at their/your age?
  10. Be honest. does your age gap worry or stress you out?
  11. If you're the younger one in the relationship, does you're partner ever boss you around or make you feel dumb for your age?
  12. If you are the older partner then tell me, does your partner ever purposely make you feel old, or call you grandpa or other such names?
  13. should I make more quizzes?

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