Do You Still Love Your Ex?

For some people,it's easy to break off ties with an ex. But some can't seem to let it go. It can be hard, but if you truly love someone you will go through some hardships to have a long-lasting relationship.

Do you still love your ex? Is it worth it to try to get back together with them? If you want to find out, take this quiz and see! Please be honest with your answers. You can't REALLY find out the truth if you're not honest!

Created by: Aly
  1. Does it seem like everyone arond you whispers, or says, "You two know you still love each other!"
  2. If someone brings up old times or specific events (i.e. Remember when you two...) right in front of you and your ex, your ex will...
  3. Do you think your ex pays special attention to you and/or flirts with you, even when his friends are around?
  4. Be HONEST, (even if no one knows this), do you still think you love your ex, no matter what anybody says or your past with them?
  5. Whether you'll admit this or not, is what you want more than ANYTHING else in this world is your ex to be your boyfriend/girlfriend again?
  6. Do you still talk to your ex daily?
  7. What would your friends & family think if you got back together with your ex?
  8. Would you do anything for your ex to be your boyfriend/girlfriend again?
  9. Do you TRULY love your ex?
  10. Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend right now, and if so, do you love them more than your ex?
  11. Did you cry when you and your ex broke up?
  12. Final Question:Did you take this quiz with them in mind?

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Quiz topic: Do I Still Love my Ex?