Are you in love?

Eververybody is falling in love these days! Some people are too damn stupid to realize. So take this test and find out if your in love! I for one have taken this test and it tells the truth!

Are you in love? Be sure, and if you are you can make sure you try to talk to that special person:) People take for ever tring to get with that someone and berfore they know its too late. How do I know? I been in love and you have to feel confident.

Created by: leiyana
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Have you been listening to slow songs?
  2. Can you go one day without thinking about him/her?
  3. Would you do almost anything to have this person?
  4. Do you get quiet or shy when that person comes around?
  5. Do you sometimes get weak when you see this person?
  6. Do you act silly when this person is around? EX:You and the person you like/love are playing around and get a little too silly. Why? Your shy and dont know how to act!
  7. No matter what no one says about he/she being ugly you still love/like them?
  8. People might say ''Your sprung'' but you dont care?
  9. If someone tells you ''He/she dont want you'' You dont care you still want them?
  10. Your so into this person you ask for advice and if someone says your too young, too old, or just let it go you dont listen you cant let go?
  11. You get jealous if another boy/girl tried to take them?

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Quiz topic: Am I in love?