whats your love style?

There are many people who are in love with being in love, people who are boy-crazy, and people who take their social life more seriously than just BOYS!!!!Now go on take the quiz or take it again see if you get the same result!!!!! But please take the quiz seriously just for once!!!! And then you get to answer them randomly!!!!! And thnx for taking this fun and enjoying quiz of mine!!!! go on take it again!!!!

Are you on eof those people? Are you in love with being in love? Or are you people who wants to actually have a lot of friends AND have a strong relationship? Find out!!!!Now!!!!

Created by: metromanda

  1. Do you believe love at first site?
  2. Your guy suggests a group date. Are you psyched to be with friends or bummed b. c. you'd rather hang one-on-one?
  3. When i tcomes to PDA, do you draw the line at hand-holding or smooch away b. c. youre so in love?
  4. If you accidently burped in front of your guy, you'd probably:
  5. Your totally cute guy friend has been kinda flirty lately. Do you make a move or are you afraid of ruining your fab friendship?
  6. If you spotted another girl's name on his caller ID, would you flip out or let it slide b. c. you've got plenty of guys in your contacts, too?
  7. If you and your boyfriend are fighting, its more likely because:
  8. Your guy forgets to call you one night. Are you convinced hes losing interest or are you too busy to even notice?
  9. Surprise!-the guy you've been crushing on has a new gf. Do you wait around (they'll break up eventually) or move on to your next crush?
  10. Did you enjoy taking this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Whats my love style?