Animal Friskyness Survey

Crushes. Sometimes, they lead into love, but sometimes, they lead into tradgedie. Love is a very fickle thing, and it can be very confusing. Most people never experience it, some never do. Love is a very complex and interesting subject.

What about YOU!?! Do you have the will to love, or are you just someone not interested? But this quiz will reveal that answer. And the answer will be enjoying just by itself...because it had ANIMALS in the answer. Who doesn't love animals?

Created by: rkohogan12 of a2794
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  1. Would you do anything for your special person?
  2. Do you think of that person alot???
  3. Do You Want to Go Out With That Person?
  4. What is it like when you're around them.
  5. Why do you like them?
  6. Why do you like them?
  7. Do You Like Pirates *wink wink*?
  8. Do You Read
  9. What is the Weather like?
  10. Do you have any injuries???
  11. Did You Like this quiz?

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