Is Your Love True Love?

Some of the greatest philosophers in the world have stumbled upon the thought of love. It is the most complex emotion within the human body. Something that brings pain and joy at the same time, something that makes you feel inadequate yet important. It grabs us when we least expect us and throws us into its tangled web of thought.

The reason we take love tests and wonder about these things is basically because we, as humans, don't understand love. Every test in the world is inaccurate because every person is different with love. It is all biased, and we only take them to further our confidence about how it will all end up. The truth is no one knows.

Created by: amazon
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  1. How long did it take you to fall in love?
  2. If you asked them out and they told you they were busy that day:
  3. If your parents told you to leave the person, what would you do.
  4. When you look at this person:
  5. True or false You would fight for them.
  6. True or false You would kill for them (legitimate kill - not murder)
  7. What is the limit you would go to for them if they were in distress?
  8. If you told your story to the Pope, or a Priest, or even a Psychologist and they told you it sounds impossible:
  9. How many "True Loves" have you had in the passed?
  10. How many "Standards" do they fit up to in your standards for how people look?
  11. Would you give your life for them?
  12. How many times do you dream about them in a week?
  13. In one word, how would you describe them?
  14. Out one day, you bump into someone who you start talking with and find out they have the same interests, lifestyle, and skills as you. You also find them EXTREMELY attractive, and to boost they offer you their phone number.
  15. You find out they have become crippled, now they are paraplegic and in a wheel chair.
  16. You over hear that they like you one day.
  17. Do you love yourself?
  18. You find out they died in an accident.
  19. You make it together finally, and after a year you are offered a job across the world that pays MASSIVE, but will have to leave that person you are with:
  20. You find out they are dating someone:
  21. Has this ever happened to you?
  22. What is your relationship with them?
  23. Do you think they like you?

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Quiz topic: Is my Love True Love?