How well do you know Tangled?

there are a lot of people who love tangled, they sing all the songs, they draw the characters, they dress up like them on Halloween. but only a few fans can call themselves Tangled Experts!

how much do you know about Tangled? do you think you know everything? a lot? not much? or think the movie is not with you? well here is your chance to see and confirm your self. may the knowledge be with you.

Created by: Jess

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  1. how well do you think you know Tangled?
  2. ok, so what is Flynn's real name?
  3. what heals Flynn after he dies?
  4. what does pascel do when Rapunzel is going to jump out of her tower window to see the world?
  5. when one of the Vikings, the little guy with the white beard try's to flirt with Mother Gothle what does he call her?
  6. when Flynn throws Max a back of apples on the boat, how many does Max actually swallow before he realizes not all of them are bought
  7. when Rapunzel is fighting with herself on whether she should be happy or sad when she leaves her tower, what does Flynn say to her
  8. how does the head Viking do to make the prisoner play?
  9. what is Flynn's dream?
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Quiz topic: How well do I know Tangled?