How Much Do You Know About Tangled?

This quiz is based on the movie Tangled. Take this quiz to see how much you realy know about Tanged. Its a realy fun quiz! Just be careful, there may be some trick questions!

How much do you know about Tangled? Take this fun quiz to find out! If you love Tangled then you'll also love this quiz! This quiz is perfect for Tangled fans!

Created by: puppyrock102

  1. Where Do We First See Flynn Rider?
  2. What Is Flynn Rider's Real Name?
  3. How Many Things Does Rapunzel Say She Could Do
  4. Who Is Rapunzel's BFF
  5. What Kind Of Animal Is Pascal
  6. How Long Is Rapunzel's Hair
  7. What Year Did Tangled Come Out
  8. What Does Flynn Call Rapunzel At First Instead Of Rapunzel

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About Tangled?